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Dan Yan, dressed in a red ninja suit, suddenly came out and rushed to Haihua while drawing a knife. At the same time, the black cat Emperor of the Underworld, who was following Haihua at his feet, suddenly pounced on Dan Yan: "Meow!"! Stop it! Can't you even see that the master is just wearing a mask to hide his sad expression? The emperor of the underworld said this with sound, other people only heard the cat's meow of the emperor of the underworld, they found that the light inflammation suddenly stopped, the beautiful eyes looked at Haihua hesitated for a moment, and suddenly disappeared. And the emperor of the underworld who jumped on him returned triumphantly to Haihua behind him, and of course he squatted obediently as soon as he went back. Haihua, who did not care about Dan Yan's performance just now, said in a cold tone: "Anyone who appears in the street with a weapon in Y country will be killed regardless of men, women, old and young!" Although his heart was filled with hatred, he still cared not to hurt innocent people, because the aliens of Z country were either massacred or hiding in their houses, wandering in the streets with weapons, all of which were the perverted murderers. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, old or young! The black-clad crowd all knelt down on one knee and got up, staring at the group of people getting closer and closer in the distance. The guys were supposed to leave,Concealed Flush Valve, but a few sharp-eyed guys found that there were more than a hundred survivors in the place they had just visited, that is, Haihua. So they shifted their target, and a large group of people came towards them. "Ah, unfortunately, how can tens of thousands of people divide the more than one hundred pigs of Z country?" A middle-aged man carrying a bloody sword sighed. Yeah, it's really hidden. Let's go to play football. A young man with a sharp knife who heard this next to him said to the middle-aged man as he kicked a sphere at his feet. Bah, what kind of football is that? It's hard and springy,Self-closing Faucet, and it hurts my feet. Then he kicked the ball under the young man's feet away. The sphere seemed to hit someone in front of it, and a big fellow rubbed his head and shouted, "That guy litters?!" Of course, no one would admit it, so he had to throw the ball to the side of the road, which was unlucky. The orb rolled and stopped. It was a human head! One of the eyes bulged out, and the other fell somewhere, leaving only a black eye hole. The skin on his face was rotten, his hair was pulled out to a few, and his mouth, which had no lips, was wide open, revealing the incomplete teeth and only half of his tongue. A yellow liquid poured into the mouth accurately, and a middle-aged man slapped the buttocks of the young man who was pouring yellow urine and shouted, stainless steel squatting pan ,Time Delay Tap, "Bastard!"! How can you urinate anywhere without any sense of public morality? "Wow, uncle, if you hadn't spanked me, I would have peed in the trash can." That person is busy wipe his pants, middleaged person laughs: "Wipe what to wipe?"? Anyway, it's still dirty later! "" "Uncle, you think there must be a woman there." Before the young man had finished speaking, his head exploded with a bang, and his brains sprayed all over the middle-aged man's face. The middle-aged man was startled and turned to look at the front of the road. He only saw countless fireballs coming towards him. Before he could react, a fireball had hit his face accurately. Don't use magic bullets! Cut me with a knife! Haihua, wearing a mask, shouted in a cold voice, because he found it too straightforward to let the animals die with magic bullets. When the people in black heard the order, they immediately went up to meet him with their bare hands. The conversation between the guys was not clear because of the large number of people, but they concentrated on one or two words and heard them clearly. For these inhuman guys, we still have to kill them with our own hands to relieve our anger. The people who were confused by a magic bullet began to crowd together. Those in the front began to run back, while those in the back did not know it. Those who ran away forgot to run into the shops on both sides for a moment. In fact, they knew that those shops were not allowed to enter, because not long ago they set fire to people, and they knew the pain of being burned alive, so they were afraid that Haihua would do this, and they refused to go in. Besides, the shops were destroyed by them, and even if they were not afraid of death, they could not get in. Haihua rushed up with all the people in black, but he still didn't tell the black cat to take care of Nana before the snow shadow came. Although Nana and the emperor of the underworld were unwilling, they had to stay where they were in order not to affect Haihua. The guys only felt a dark shadow passing by. The people around the shadow immediately covered their necks and screamed. Blood kept coming out of their hands. Maybe the wound was not deep, so they did not die. Someone wanted to help the people around them stop bleeding, but the shadow swept away, and the people who helped them stop bleeding also covered their necks and screamed. After more than a hundred people who helped people stop bleeding suffered the same fate, no one helped them stop bleeding anymore. Their wounds were shallow, but they could not save themselves. When they loosened their hands, the cracks in their necks shot out blood as fast as a burst pipe. Before they got the cloth, the blood in their bodies was probably all gone. All they could do was to watch their blood run out little by little until death came. The first shot of hand-to-hand combat is Xueying's blood repentance, which is a kind of wound that can be easily saved, but it must be helped by others. Originally, this is a kind of ninjutsu of torture, but Xueying cuts all the people who want to help, just to let them feel that they have no way to seek help. The second shot was not fired by Hai Hua and the people in black, but by Dan Yan, who was hiding in the dark and engaged in murder. Those guys were clearly in the middle of their own people, but they were always cut by a knife for no reason. The lighter ones lost an arm or thigh, and the heavier ones had their heads cut off or cut in half. As a result, the guys in the center of the crowd, who were in a safe area, were all in a panic and suspicious. They looked around at their companions with their weapons on guard. Finally, someone could not bear it and began to slash with a knife to keep people away from him. But one guy was accidentally pushed by Dan Yan and fell on the man's knife net. Of course,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he died. As a result, the relatives and friends of the deceased immediately roared at the man and hacked him to death. Dan Yan took the opportunity to stir up a few such things, and the group of people in the middle began to kill each other. cnkexin.com

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