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"So it's a fall from a high altitude?" Although the young man felt a little strange to Li Jue's question, he could still understand its meaning. "It was a fall from a height," he replied, and then pointed to the cypress tree in front of him. "But Big Brother seems to have hit the tree again." Listening to the young man's narration, Li Jue nodded gently. She already knew the general process, mostly because the carriage drove too fast and caused the accident. Thinking, she glared at the strong young man lying on the ground. No wonder she was falling apart. It turned out to be his masterpiece. It seems that speeding is a problem left over by history. Under the shade of a tree. By the cypress tree. Time passed by minute by minute in Li Jue's examination. Finally, Li Jue had a general understanding of the young man's consciousness, complexion, breathing, pulse, pupil, body position, degree of bleeding, wound size, subcutaneous congestion and cyanosis. Then, in order to fully understand and avoid missed diagnosis, she decided to remove the clothes of the young man in order to further check whether there were fatal injuries. But just then — "What are you going to do?" When the thin young man behind him saw Li Wan untie the wounded man's belt,mobile garbage bin, he suddenly woke up as if he had had a dream of dementia. He suddenly darted up and grabbed her hand firmly. She was startled by his action and fell down on the ground: I.. I'm checking him out. The young man stared at her in disbelief: "Then.." Then you can't take off a man's clothes?! Doesn't she understand the difference between men and women? Li Jue got up from the ground and looked at him in a funny way. "How can I check if I don't take off my clothes?". I had always thought that the Han Dynasty is very open, originally also pay attention to men and women to accept not close to this set ah. "Hm?" The young man didn't quite understand. What do you mean, "I always thought"? Li Jue did not pay attention to his surprise, but patted the earth on his hand, then turned his head sideways and whispered to him: "In a doctor's opinion, when he is faced with endangering the patient's life, the distinction between men and women is not important,plastic wheelie bins, he is facing only a fragile life, a life waiting for him to save." She looked at him without the slightest trance in her eyes, like a stream flowing by the river, clear and clear. Once again, the youth was shocked! He had never heard such a statement. If she was right, why did the doctor feel the pulse of a woman, especially one in a wealthy family, or even treat her through a curtain, and if she was wrong, why did he think that this novel idea was reasonable? While the young man was still meditating, Li Jue had withdrawn the clothes of the strong young man's upper body, revealing his broad chest, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, and examined it carefully. Seemingly aware of a piece of white in front of his eyes, the young man suddenly came to his senses and instinctively tried to stop him, but he was shocked back by Li Jue's stern rebuke. Do you want him dead?! "I.." The young man put his hand in the air and stared at her. Of course he didn't want his eldest brother to die, but could the girl in front of him really save his eldest brother? In fact, he should have gone to the city early to ask for a doctor, instead of letting a girl treat him at random. Although her way of doing things is different from other ordinary people, but in terms of medical skills, I am afraid it is far less than those old doctors in the city who are over fifty years old, after all, the experience of practicing medicine for many years will not be false. However, the girl's words and the light shining from her eyes undoubtedly convinced him. What should he do? Is to continue to let the girl go to cure, but if she is not good at medicine, what should I do? Or he should stop her treatment now, and then rush into the city to ask for a mature doctor, but if he did not rush back in time, the eldest brother died because of the treatment, that is not worse! What is the best thing to do? The young man was still thinking anxiously. Under the cypress tree in the morning. But Li Wan had already covered the clothes for the young man again. Then she looked up and looked at him. After a while, she whispered, "Don't you believe me?" The young man raised his head suddenly in surprise. She read his mind. Yes, he didn't believe her from the bottom of his heart. At first, he was shocked by her different momentum and words, and did what she told him without thinking for a moment. Later, he was confused by her different treatment methods from ordinary doctors. Now that he thought about it, how could he really believe a young woman who seemed to be less than twenty years old? It was ridiculous. Li Wan gazed at him deeply, sighed lightly, and then- "There is a slight contusion of the scalp, a slight hematoma under the scalp, and possibly a mild concussion.". There is no obvious trauma to the abdomen, but the clavicle of the upper limb has been fractured. There's no obvious trauma to other body parts, just a few abrasions. As for the cause of the coma, it is likely to be caused by the injury to the skull. In the early morning, the sunshine is particularly clear, and the birds are happy in the forest. The breeze blows, the leaves tremble slightly, and the glittering dew reflects the brilliant light. The sun is shining, the dew is shining, the leaves are mottled, and the towering cypress trees are making a light sound of sand in the breeze. Under the cypress tree. In that bright glare. Facing the sunshine, Li Jue gently stated the condition of the injured word by word. Not a trace of superfluity, nor a trace of inadequacy, just right to hit the point. The young man standing aside was stunned and could not believe his ears: "What?" "Your eldest brother's injuries." She raised her head and looked at him leisurely. The young man stiffened! He looked at her in amazement. Although she could not fully understand what she had just said,stackable plastic pallets, her eyes told him that she had fully grasped the injury of her eldest brother. Oh my God! Is there really such a strange woman in the world? Isn't it said that a woman without talent is virtuous? Isn't it that a woman only washes clothes, spins and weaves cloth? He was completely shocked! Li Jue saw that he did not speak and thought that he was still not trusted, so he held the trunk of the cypress tree alone and stood up with difficulty:. cnplasticpallet.com

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