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Lan Yuyao was stunned, and then stared at the wind God, with a trace of expectation in her eyes. The spirit of the wind grinned, "She has seven emotions in her body, even if she enters the heaven with the body of cultivating truth, no one dares to touch her except one person." Lan Yuyao is pondering this "except one person" who is the person, Ye Sichen's cold voice sounded again. The man who dares to touch her is Chang Rong, the Lord of Heaven who has no heaven. "Not bad." Hearing the name of Chang Rong, the spirit of the wind showed the color of struggle. "In those days, Chang Rong did not hesitate to fight against the whole fairy world for the sake of Hongman. When she went to heaven, those people saw that she had seven emotions in her body.". No one dares to touch her, will only put her in the hands of Chang Rong, so that she will have the opportunity to contact Hongman, can also. OK At the end, his voice trembled slightly. What is the whole story? Lan Yuyao decided that Suyu did not fall into the hands of the language extraordinary, the heart relaxed a lot, simply sat on the ground, "if you deserve my help, I will help you." "Help me?" The slender eyes of the wind God narrowed and seemed very unaccustomed to the word. Lan Yuyao shrugged her shoulders. So it's me because Before I agree to your request. You can go to the fairy world. It seems to be a no. Wind God actually smiled, not sneer, not disdain, but as if remembered some beautiful past,wire nail machine manufacturers, knife-like face soft down. He picked up his hands and walked slowly in the empty hall. "That's.." It was a long time ago. That's all I said. He rested for half an hour. For half an hour, the spirit of the wind stayed in the original place. He closed his eyebrows slightly and looked ahead without saying a word. He's probably.. Remembering. Lan Yuyao thought so, these immortals, always thousands of years, think of Yang Yi said about the legend of the seven emotions, time seems to be three thousand years ago, three thousand years, really have to think about it. He thought here,Nail Making Machine price, Lan Yuyao looked at him, since entering the temple of war, Lan Yuyao always felt where strange. Not because the hall is empty, not even a table and chair, but because. Because of what? A bright light crossed Lan Yuyao's mind. Yes, it was a weapon. He is the God of war, the whole body is solemn, but did not see him with weapons, this hall is not seen, most likely in the sleeve in the universe, but his very powerful golden armor dress, always should be matched with a weapon. Thousands of years. After the wind God was silent for so long, he suddenly made a sound, which frightened Lan Yuyao a little. It seemed that he had finally ended his memory. The story of the wind gods is also simple. Thousands of years ago, the fairy world and the demon world were equally divided. Although they did things in their own way, there were occasional frictions. After a long time of accumulation, Coil nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, a war between immortals and demons finally broke out. There are two immortals without heaven, one is the Lord of Heaven and the other is the God of War. They are famous for their warlike nature. They are sent by the Holy Land to fight against the Demon World for four days. The Lord of Heaven and the God of War defeated the Demon King sent by the Demon World and got a magic weapon from him, which is the Seven Love Treasure Evil Spirit. Speaking of this, Lan Yuyao almost fainted. No wonder Yang Yi said that Qiqing Baoxie was always evil. It turned out that it was a magic weapon, not a fairy weapon. In fact, this is Lan Yuyao's excessive attachment to the word "demon". As if there is only a thin line between good and evil, the two realms of immortals and demons only have different methods of practice, and the things they pursue are also different. They can not only be immortals, but also be called justice, and evil only by demons. Qi Qing Bao Sha is a magic weapon. If it is held in the hands of an immortal, it is an immortal weapon. Besides, after the Lord of Heaven and the God of War got the Seven Love Treasures, they didn't take it to heart, and joined the army of other crusades against the Demon World. Every battle, they fought very well. Their feelings were very good, and because of the successive battles, they even became brothers. It was unheard of for the Lord of Heaven to become sworn to the God of war under his seat, which caused many speculations, but after all, it was still a family affair without heaven. Little did he know that the Lord of Heaven was used to it. After becoming sworn to him, he did the next thing that was unacceptable to the celestial world. This has to start with the woman they met when they first entered the demon world. The woman, whose name was Hongman, was born of the intersection of man and demon. After her father died, she was brought to the demon world by her mother. Her mother was killed in the Great War of Immortals and Demons, and she became a captive of the Lord of Heaven. The next thing is very simple, although Hongman is a half-demon body, but intelligent and kind, the Lord of Heaven fell in love with her, determined to bring her back to the fairy world. The God of war knew that this would not be tolerated by the celestial world, so he could not dissuade her. Looking for an opportunity, he wanted to kill the beauty. Hongman said, I can't die, and you shouldn't kill me either. I want to leave my life to advise the Lord of Heaven not to kill. Calm appearance, let the God of war finally gave up the idea of killing her. Because Hongman was a half-demon, he could neither become a demon nor an immortal, nor could he enter the realm of immortals, so the Lord of Heaven had the idea of seven emotions. Use the immortal spirit to urge the Seven Emotional Evil Spirits, forcibly drive away the evil spirit in the Seven Emotional Evil Spirits to Hongman, and then take Hongman to hide quietly in the realm of cultivation. Under the cover of the God of War, they spend a hundred years of happy time in the realm of cultivation, but when Hongman rises in the daytime, they attract the attention of the immortal world. The second volume seven love treasure evil spirit chapter 51 surprised! Become a living person God and the Lord of Heaven were like brothers. Naturally, they stood on the side of the Lord of Heaven and fought against the whole immortal world. It was not good to be too harsh on the four days of the Holy Land. They only adopted a conciliatory policy and sent people to lobby the Lord of God every day. In order to avoid the four days of the Holy Land being disadvantageous to Hongman while they were unprepared, the God of Heaven entrusted Hongman to the God of War, while he went to the Four Days of the Sacred Land to argue with the Qing. Little did they know that Red Man and the God of War had already had a good impression on each other when they were in the Demon World. They were just loyal and affectionate, and no one was willing to break this relationship. After the Lord of Heaven left, the two of them faced each other every day, but they did not dare to get close to each other. One of them often leaned against the railing and looked into the distance, and the other raised his eyes to correspond to each other. Every day,Nail production machine, he told them some warmth and coldness, and they were very happy. This situation continued until the Lord of Heaven came back. The Lord of Heaven finally persuaded Qing Di to take Hongman back to the fairy world. He thought that he could enjoy happiness in this life, but Hongman was getting depressed.

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