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Action, in communi and in particulari [universally and particularly]. The semi-pirakians err by saying that what is merely in particulari is in communi. The Calvinists refer to what is true as in communi (in terms of divine grace, which is not universal but particular) as in particulari (in terms of sin, see verse 775 of this book). The Ransenists believed that sin is universal and grace is special. 。 (I think so). 644—653(778)902—858 omnisjudaearegio,etjerosolomytaeuniversi,etbaptizaban-tur。 All the people of Judea and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem were baptized. Mark 1:5: "All Judea and Jerusalem went out to John and were baptized by him in the Jordan River, confessing their sins.". Because the people who come here have all kinds of conditions. From these stones Abraham could have children. 83—698(779)956—747 If people knew themselves, God would heal them and forgive them. ne convertantur et sanem eos,et dimittantur eis peccata。 Do not allow them to be converted, healed, and forgiven of their sins. Mark 4:12: "Seeing, they see, but they do not know; hearing, they hear, but they do not understand; lest they turn and be forgiven.". 646—432(780)892—255 Jesus Christ never punished without listening. To Judas: amici, ad quidvenisti? Friend, why have you come? Matthew 26, verse 50: "Jesus said to him (Judas), Friend, do what you have come to do.". The same is true of the man who is not wearing a wedding dress. Matthew 22:13: "And when he saw a man there who had not a robe, he said to him,Steel investment casting, Friend, why have you come in here without a robe?"? 645—770,771,772(781)—256 The symbol of the wholeness of redemption, like the illumination of the sun, marks only a wholeness; but the symbol of rejection, like the rejection of heretics by the chosen Jews, marks rejection. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of all men. Yes, because what he offers is just like such a person: He will redeem all who are willing to come to him. Those who die in the middle are their own misfortune, but as for him, he provides for their salvation. This example is valid in the case of two persons, alloy die casting ,deep draw stamping, the one who atones and the one who prevents death, but it is invalid in the case of Jesus Christ, who did both the former and the latter. It is invalid because Jesus Christ, as the Redeemer, may not be the Master of all; therefore, he is the Redeemer of all only when the Master is in him. When we say that Jesus Christ did not die for all men, we commit the sin of those to whom this exception is directly applied; it is only to favor despair, not to turn them in favor of hope. Because in this way, people are accustomed to their inner virtues because of their appearance. 649—529(782)953—860 Victory over death. If a man loses his soul, even if he gains the whole world, what is the use? Whoever tries to defend his soul will lose it. I have not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. The Lamb did not abolish sin in the world, but I am the Lamb who abolished sin. Moses did not give you bread from heaven. Moses did not lead you out of captivity, nor did he set you free. 651—642(783)915—859 …… Then Jesus Christ came to tell the people that they had no enemies but themselves, that it was their lust that separated them from God, and that he had come to destroy them and to give them divine grace, in order to make them all one holy church; He came to bring both the heathen and the Jew back into this church, and he came to destroy the idols of the former and the superstitions of the latter. But to this all are opposed, not only naturally, because of desire, but above all because the kings of the earth are United to destroy the new religion, as has been foretold. (proph: quare eremerunt gentes…… reges terrae…… adversus christum。 [Prophecy: Why are the nations noisy … … The king of the earth.. Against Christ]. Psalm 2: 1-2: "Why do the Gentiles quarrel?" The monarchs of the world rise together.. Against the Lord. All the great things of the earth are joined together: the scholar, the wise man, and the king. Some of them are writing, others are condemning, and some are killing. In spite of all these opposing forces, these simple, fearless people resisted all these authorities, and even subdued these kings, these scholars,socket screw plug, and these sages, and cleared the whole land of idolatry. And all this is done by the power that has foretold it. 607—607(784)913—861 Jesus Christ did not want the witness of the devil, or the witness of those who were not called; but only the witness of God with John the Baptist. 731—741(785)884—569。 autoparts-dx.com

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