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Ye Tao was stunned when he heard this. He immediately figured out why it was so fast. It must be Fang Jinglong who had already been prepared. He said with a faint smile, "Fang Lao came in. You don't have to be so polite. We will be a family in the future." In Ye Tao want to come, this person in the most original time, appeared in their own line of sight, that reality probably really may have the existence of this person, or is worth wooing, and, according to his present repair for, must also have a few powerful bodyguards, in order to avoid any accident, that is not worth the loss. Fang Jinglong listens to this, in the heart quietly a warm, if put in the past he certainly does not have any feeling, but now after knowing Ye Tao's means, that is completely different immediately, he respectfully said, "Yes, my Lord." Looking at the big lunch box that Fang Jinglong brought in, Ye Tao smiled and said, "Please, Fang Lao." "Adult you are polite, this is what I should do," Fang Jinglong hurriedly replied, Ye Tao quietly smiled and did not say much, opened the lunch box and wolfed down. After the meal, Ye Tao began to refine Juyuan Dan without any surprise. This Juyuan Dan is only a congenital level of Dan medicine, and Ye Tao has refined a lot before, so this refining is simply simple to the extreme. In Fang Jinglong's eyes, but more than an hour later, twelve round and smooth green and yellow pills appeared in Ye Tao's hands. Although Ye Tao's refining was simple, Fang Jinglong was deeply shocked again. He himself could do this. However, every time the elixir came out of the oven,tube fitting manufacturer, there were almost eight pills. Sometimes, even a general idea would be a complete failure. Moreover, Ye Tao's flowing movements, in Fang Jinglong's eyes, were as beautiful as an artist's performance. The most surprising thing for Fang Jinglong is that, generally speaking, a medicinal material he heard is up to ten Juyuan Dan, and Ye Tao actually practiced twelve Dan medicine, which he heard. In fact, this is not surprising, after all,stainless steel needle valve, Ye Tao, who has a systematic space, has put all kinds of elixirs and medicinal materials to an extreme, if not for the lack of cultivation, he can even refine thirteen, or even fourteen. However, one more, the pressure on Ye Tao is also a little bigger. After all, the essence of each medicinal material is brought into full play. Is that a simple thing? Tang Yiyao, who taught Ye Tao the means of alchemy, was able to refine as many as eighteen perfect alchemies, which made Ye Tao not only respect, but also respect, but also did not have the frivolous mentality of the past. After refining, Ye Tao took an elixir and came to Fang Jinglong and said with a smile, "Brother Fang, come and see how it is." "Well, Jinglong woke up with a start when he heard this. He nodded repeatedly and took the medicine bottle. Moreover, listening to Ye Tao calling his elder brother Fang, he felt a sense of being spoiled, humiliated and surprised. After all, the status of the two people is completely different now." And those other craftsmen Dan Shi, 38 tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting supplier, which one is not supercilious, put his eyes on the forehead, even those craftsmen Dan Shi in the Dan Pharmacist Association, is only a little better, every time he went to ask for advice, he had to plead countless times to have such a chance, want to see them refine Dan medicine, that is daydreaming. Intoxicated to smell the attractive fragrance of the medicine, Fang Jinglong said with a slight shock in his heart, "The perfection of the elixir refined by adults is certainly not low." "Do you have any instrument here? Take it to identify it. I also want to know what's the difference between the alchemy I studied in the virtual world and the perfection of reality?" Ye Tao said with a faint smile. In fact, what he wanted to know was whether the alchemy had improved after the breakthrough of this alchemy. When Fang Jinglong heard this, he was quietly stupefied and immediately asked carefully, "My Lord, did you really learn alchemy and alchemy in a virtual game?" Tao nodded and said, "I learned these things in the virtual world, but my teacher taught me in it, so the problems you think about don't exist at all." "Oh, so that's it." Fang Jinglong understood when he came over, looked at Ye Tao and didn't want to say anything, so he left the pharmacy and walked outside the door. After a while, Fang Jinglong rushed back with a trace of shock and said excitedly, "Your Excellency, 93.1%, 93.1%." It is not surprising that he was so excited, because, according to some experts, if a kind of alchemy can be refined to more than 90% perfection, that is to say, the latter has a great possibility to become a master of alchemy, and even a master in the future. Don't look so simple, in fact, want to refine a kind of elixir to more than 90% of the perfect degree, how difficult, after all, there are too many factors to consider, not only to consider the aptitude, fire control, considering the spiritual perception ability, considering the understanding of medicinal materials and so on, but also to have the mentality of forgetting oneself, completely into the alchemy And this selfless mentality is also the most important point, the average person, can enter into the micro alchemy situation, that is already a genius in the genius, and "selfless" state, can say that billions of people can hardly have a person to achieve, after all, since the study of alchemy, there are some distracting thoughts, such as for what money and so on, such as want to refine high-quality elixir and so on, Since there are distracting thoughts, how can we reach the state of selflessness? But Ye Tao is completely different, he in the space of the system, almost can say, everything, that naturally will not have any distracting thoughts, even if the failure, in the future is, if their own refining can not come out, then take the energy point exchange is. At the same time Ye Tao listened to Fang Jinglong's words and said with a faint smile, "Not bad, at least not retrogressive, I think when I see the teacher, he will not scold me as an idiot." As soon as Fang Jinglong heard this, his face was dull. If he were an idiot, what would he become? An idiot among idiots. Ye Tao looked at Fang Jinglong's appearance and said with a quiet smile, "Well,stainless steel tube fitting, you're busy. You don't have to accompany me all the time. After a week, the elixir you want will be finished. When the time comes, you will come."

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