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Zhou Yuqing looked ashamed and knew that the last words of the old immortal were for himself, but he still hated Ji Fuwei. As long as he thought of these three words, he felt his blood surging up. Chen Jinke, you can open your mouth boldly. If you can't say something insightful, I will be disappointed. It's possible to expel you from the school. Chen Jinke was startled, but seeing the old fairy smiling, he obviously didn't take the threat seriously, so he smiled awkwardly and said, "Two martial uncles.." "That's all right." Zihe Zhenren went on for him first, "Well, yes, this is an insight. You won't be expelled from the school. Now you can speak your mind boldly." Chen Jinke is more and more embarrassed, but his courage is really strong. "Then I dare to ask, know the enemy and bosom friend, 'bosom friend' is also a very important thing, I want to know, what is the purpose of our Kongtong School?" "Get the imperial seal back from Gu Shenwei." "Chou Huai-yu interrupted to answer, feeling that it was an unnecessary question." Yeah, but after that? After all, stealing the imperial seal is a major crime. King Xiao has been unable to ascend the throne for a long time. What he is waiting for is it. When he gets the imperial seal, will he forgive Gu Shenwei? Zhou Huaiyu did not speak. Zihe Zhenren thought for a while and pointed to Chen Jinke and said, "Look, this is what I call simplifying the complex. I won't answer first. You go on." "If the rumor is to be believed, the hatred between Xiaomao and Gu Shenwei was formed many years ago. It seems that there is no need to solve it in these two days. I suspect that Gu Shenwei is mystifying. His purpose is not to kill Xiaomao at all. For him, the more fundamental threat is Xiao Wang.". He left the mission of the Jade Kingdom and went all the way to Jinmen Pass to solve the problem of Xiao Wang, not Xiaomao. "Continue." The smile on the real person's face was gone, showing a rare serious expression. I can't think of what Gu Shenwei would do, nor what he had to do with it, but I think Gu Shenwei didn't want Xiao Wang to proclaim himself emperor, and he wanted to push someone else. The Zhou brothers looked at each other and shook their heads disapprovingly. Gu Shenwei had been wandering on the edge of the court and had no ability to control the succession to the throne. The imperial seal did not have that much influence. To their surprise, Zihe Zhenren did not ridicule this statement. Let me answer your question first. King Xiao really wants to kill Gu Shenwei. After getting the imperial seal, all the people in Biyu have to die. One is revenge, and the other is to make room for Shangguan Yun's small Wanguo. The task of Kongtong Sect is to take the imperial seal, and the task of Miao Sanwen is to kill people. The Chou brothers and Chen Jinke were all taken aback. "Miao San asked?"? Fourteen families.. Zhou Huaiyu couldn't believe it. Not everyone knows the task, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, and Miao Sanwen will only tell the truth at the last moment. I reveal this secret to let you know how difficult it is to be a leader, so don't despise any of them. Zihe Zhenren couldn't help wondering if he had lived a little too long to suppress the talents of Kongtong Sect. "We have to continue to guess that Gu Shenwei must have a plan. Only by finding out the details of the plan-" Zhenren scanned the three disciples and really regarded them as successors, "can we determine which side Kongtong Sect should stand on." The three men were taken aback again, so the old immortal actually saw Gu Shenwei as a close match with Xiao Wang. Chapter 1196 tracking. When the killer finds himself about to fall into a trap, he always flees quickly instead of fighting to the death. Nie Zeng is the same. He seems to have stepped on a spike on the ground, jumped up and jumped out of the room. When he landed, he almost lost his footing and fled in a mess. Just for a while, Gu Shenwei has disappeared, Nie Zeng ran to the main room, did not knock on the door and rushed in, the heart rose a sense of anger, no more, no less, enough for him to be presumptuous in front of Gu Shenwei, "you know, you must know." "Know what?" Gu Shenwei was a little surprised. Not long after he entered the room, he lit the oil lamp and was putting out the tinder with his hand. Nie Zeng blushed and made a move that was incompatible with the killer. He reached out and scratched his forehead twice. "Do you know Tie Linglong won't kill Chu Nanping?" Gu Shenwei sat down on the chair and suddenly wanted to laugh. For the first time in many years, the smile was so strong that he had to give a long hum. "How old are you this year?" Nie Zeng was stunned. "There are still two months to go." "Not young. King Khan must have given you a lot of women, right?" Nie Zeng flustered, he was not ready to have such a conversation with Gu Shen, in his mind, he never belonged to the closest group of people around the Dragon King, "ah?"? King Khan. I No, he didn't. I've been practicing martial arts all these years. "This is not an interrogation. Don't be nervous. Confession is usually a better cover. You're giving away more information than you're telling the truth." Nie Zeng scratched his forehead again and had to admit that there was a big gap between him and the man in front of him. "King Khan only gave me a few masters, not my woman, but." One woman said she would wait for me. "Mmm." Gu Shenwei showed a little curiosity. Nie Zeng suddenly, confession is indeed a better means to cover up, after saying this sentence, his heart is no longer flustered, and can clearly control the mood, "she is the daughter of a bodyguard.". I like martial arts. King Khan invited a master for me. She also followed me for a period of time, and then we were together. When I left a year ago, she said she would wait for me, but neither of us thought it would take so long. Nie Zeng did not give himself too much hope so that he would not be too disappointed. Is she interested in your past? "What?"? She often asks me about my childhood. He said he would go back to his hometown with me. Nie Zeng has been away from home for many years, and he doesn't even know if his parents are still alive. Then she will wait for you. Gu Shenwei said that he was not so sure in his heart, but just wanted to take a small risk and regard speculation as confidence, "You have to live for her, too." "Yes." Nie Zeng seldom thought of the woman on the prairie. But after chatting with Gu Shenwei,beam impact tubes, he found that he missed her very much. I want you to do something for me, but you have to come back alive. Gu Shenwei's voice became as cold and serious as before, and Nie Zeng put away his mind and nodded solemnly.

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