Ye Yang Gui Xiu (Qiangqiang Spirit Strange Love Grave Robbery) Author: Lan Xiluo from Clara's blog

"Everyone walked forward arm in arm." Said the old voice, and the leader of the group immediately thought of the opposite side. Yang Yang, I'm not afraid. Ye Xun took Ye Yang into his arms and continued to walk forward. Ah! Help! Hold me! Don't let go! Suddenly, a grave robber shouted in a panic, and Ye Yang and others looked this way. The grave robber's body was being pulled up quickly by something unknown. Seeing this, the man beside him grabbed his feet. The two forces started a seesaw battle. The man's mouth made a painful'erm 'sound. His legs straightened down and stopped moving. His companion was startled, his hand loosened a little, and the man was pulled into the dark roof of the cave. The man on one side fired a few shots into the air, and the bullet seemed to hit the sandbag with a muffled sound. Torch. The old man said. The man with dark glasses raised his torch and shone it up. I don't know if I didn't take a picture. I was startled. There were many dead people hanging on it. It was hard to count. Because of the age, these people had become mummies. Only the bodies of the three grave robbers who had just been hung up were still alive. Their legs are long and drooping, their heads are drooping, their necks are long, their eyes are staring down, the wind is blowing gently, so they have been walking under the feet of these mummies, just thinking about it makes their scalp tingle. I do not know when a lot of white silk hung down from above, these white silk seemed to have eyes, stretched out toward the crowd, some people were not checked by the neck,warehouse rack manufacturer, the moment was tightened. Everyone waved torches in a hurry, trying to burn the white silk, but the white silk touched the flame, not only did not retreat, but twisted more agile, faster to the human body, the original thing heat-resistant and light-loving. The man with glasses shouted,Narrow aisle rack, "Put out the torch and flashlight quickly!" In the darkness, the white silk could not see. The people who were entangled by the white silk screamed again and again. A gust of wind came up. These people were strangled and fell into the sky. Their legs were kicking at random, and their mouths were crying. They soon suffocated. Walk quickly Ye Xun pulled Ye Yang to run forward quickly, Song Yun and Lin yuan hurried to keep up, the cat's eye played a role in the dark, Lin yuan directed everyone where to go (Lin yuan was invisible within the scope of the lake just now). The grave robbers also knew that they could only ignore their lives if they stayed any longer. The man with sunglasses carried the old man on his back and ran forward. The others who were not entangled in white also ran for their lives. Careful Lin yuan saw a big pit in front of him and hurriedly made a sound to remind him, but now everyone is running for their lives. Where is the slow escape? Whoever runs slowly is looking for death. Hearing the sound, he braked in a hurry, but because of inertia, he still fell into the pit. In the fall, Ye Yang hugged Ye Xun tightly and wanted to be at the bottom. Ye Xun pinched Ye Yang's little arm and forced them to change their positions. Brother, you.. Boom! Two people fell to the ground heavily, hit the dust all over the sky, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Pallet rack supplier, the pit is about two stories high, the weight of two people plus under the action of gravity, Ye Xun fell with a stuffy hum, it seems that the injury is not light, feel the wind above, Ye Yang had no time to check Ye Xun's injury, busy holding him to roll to the side. Then, with three bangs, Song Yun and several grave robbers fell down one by one. ***. Your uncle! Everyone was thrown heavily and swearing in their mouths. Brother, are you all right? "Well.." "Where did you hurt?" Ye Yang in the heart a pull, at the same time for their own arrogance and regret, originally came here to teach a lesson to hurt his brother's culprit, now has not seen the leader will involve his brother injured. For the first time, he truly realized that he had lived in vain for so many years, and that he was so naive and careless in doing things. Yang Yang, don't move. Ye Xun said in a low dumb way. Hearing this, Ye Yang did not dare to move, and his hands hung down at his side. Song Yun recovered to turn on the wolf's eye flashlight, and there were many people standing upright around him, staring at him with dark eyes, and he was so frightened that he threw the flashlight out with a cry of surprise. His cry was so twisted that the grave robbers on one side were startled. "Niang Lao Tzu, what are you calling for?" "Huzi, shut up." Sunglasses man way, bent down to pick up Song Yun threw at his feet of the wolf eye flashlight, around the light, voice with a trace of joy, "old man, found the shark oil lamp." "Step on the broken iron shoes without finding out, get it." Cough takes no time at all. The old man coughed hoarsely. The grave robbers were delighted. Ye Yang asked Song Yun for a wolf's eye flashlight and shone it on Ye Xun. Ye Xun's arm was punctured by something sharp. Blood was everywhere, and his body was covered with dust. He was very embarrassed. Ye Yang's nose was astringent and his eyes were red. Ye Xun smiled reluctantly. His intact hand lowered Ye Yang's head and put it on his forehead. They breathed together. In order not to touch the wound on Ye Xun's body, Ye Yang supported his arm on Ye Xun's side. Yangyang Song Yun and Lin yuan looked away with some embarrassment. The grave robbers lit the oil lamp, and the eyes were bright. Song Yun put away the wolf's flashlight. Song Yun used to be a serious doctor, because he could not bear to see those incidents of accepting red envelopes, so he turned to be a forensic doctor. He neatly cleaned, medicated and bandaged the wound on Ye Xun's arm, and gave him an antibiotic and TAT (tetanus antitoxin). Thank you very much Ye Xun stood up with the help of Ye Yang. You're welcome Grave robbers here only four people, modern high-tech weapons are almost lost, Ye Yang their side three people, after the two sides negotiate, decided to temporarily get along well with each other to tide over the difficulties. Shark oil lamps were carried by a thin and tall bronze figure, whose appearance was the same as that of the bronze mask, which was very strange and uncomfortable. They wore a tuxedo-style robe, barefoot,Drive in racking system, and stood on a high base. The hands of the bronze figure were high and low. The hand that was not holding the oil lamp was holding something, as if it had held something before. The smoke from the shark oil emitted a faint sweet fragrance, and unconsciously it was a little dizzy.

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