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"All right, tell me the result of the discussion then." Lin Tiandao. All right, boss. Silence Road. Lin Tian is advancing at a high speed, and before long, it is not too far away from the silence. When he gets here, Lin Tian also slows down his own speed. From the memory of the subordinate who had died before, Lin Tian also understood Qiu Feng's appearance and breath. At this time, his divine consciousness was constantly searching outside with all his strength. Because the saint fruit has not been obtained for a long time, there are still many people gathered around here, and all kinds of divine consciousness are also full. What is different from outside is that in this paradise of death, everyone stays for a while and basically gets used to the appearance of other people's divine consciousness, because in this paradise of death, danger may occur at any time, so naturally, it is better to put divine consciousness outside. Because all kinds of divine consciousness are full, so Lin Tian's divine consciousness will not attract anyone's attention at all, that Qiu Feng is nearby, with the efficiency of Lin Tian's search, it didn't take long for him to lock in the target. Fortunately, it's still far away. Lin Tian muttered that if Qiu Feng and Silence were too close to the place they were talking about, there might be trouble. However, although Qiu Feng was still far away, Lin Tian also decided to draw him farther away. It is not too difficult for Lin Tian to draw Qiu Feng away. Qiu Feng and several other people were drinking wine on a hilltop. Lin Tian flew over to the vicinity. As soon as he flew over, some of Qiu Feng and others looked at him. What are you looking at? Lin Tian glared at Qiu Feng. Brother Qiu, you have been despised by others. A man beside Qiu Feng laughed. "Let's be despised together," said Qiu Feng. "He's staring at you, Brother Qiu. I'll leave it to you." The God laughed. Qiu Feng's divinity suddenly spread. High order. All right, I'll take care of it. Qiu Feng does not care about the tunnel, although he is only a high-level God, but the plane ranking is quite high, and the weapons and equipment are also very good, he did not put Lin Tian in the eye, he did not know Lin Tian's strength, much stronger than him. Boy, save your life. Qiu Feng laughed tunnel, the moment of violent momentum on his body. Lin Tian's face changed wildly at this time. "You-" he said a word, and then retreated in an instant. Brother Qiu, we are waiting for your good news. Bring his head back. A deity next to Qiu Feng said. That's all right Qiu Feng said and flew in the direction of Lin Tianyuan in an instant. At this time, Lin Tian did not raise his own speed to the highest level, long span shelving , but just maintained the speed at a level lower than Qiu Feng. In Qiu Feng's pursuit, the distance between him and Qiu Feng slowly approached, and with Qiu Feng's pursuit, the distance between them and the place where they were was also far away. Boy, you're dead. Qiu Feng's voice sounded in Lin Tian's mind, at this time, the distance between him and Lin Tian is less than a kilometer. Bastard Lin Tian scolded out loud, and in an instant there was a violent breath of energy on his body. When the breath of energy appeared, his speed doubled. Although it only lasted for three seconds, it pulled the distance far away again. Hateful! I'll see how many times you can come like this. Qiu Fengfeng, he only thought that Lin Tian was stimulating the potential to escape, and did not know, in fact, this has not reached the highest speed of Lin Tian! Qiu Feng naturally also mastered some secret methods, in an instant, he also stimulated his own potential to make his own speed suddenly improved a lot of instant kungfu, stimulated his own potential speed to improve Qiu Feng, has been to the front of Lin Tian will stop Lin Tian down. He stopped Lin Tian, but he did not see a look of panic on Lin Tian's face, but a sneer. Stop it for me. Lin Tian secretly shouted in his heart that one of the three time static balls used in a small area was used by him. Under the guidance of Lin Tian, the time static ball successfully acted on Qiu Feng's body. Lin Tian rushed forward at the moment when the time static ball took effect, and the soul thrust went straight into Qiu Feng's body. Qiu Feng as a subordinate, too good things that will not be used on his body, he has the soul of the holy vessel, but only a low-level soul of the holy vessel, in that time under the strong effect of the static ball, his soul holy vessel defense is also low to a certain extent, so low soul defense, of course, it is impossible to block the attack of the soul thrust, under the soul thrust. His spirit was destroyed in an instant! As soon as Qiu Feng died, Lin Tian immediately brought his body into the world of Xiaoyao, and then fell to the ground in an instant and quickly entered a broken stone cave to set up the golden ball array. Living life can not be included in the Star Ring can not be included in the Xiaoyao Realm, but the dead, there is no such restriction, so Lin Tiancai can receive Qiu Feng into the Xiaoyao Realm. As soon as Lin Tian thought about it, the body of Qiu Feng in Xiaoyao was wrapped up by the golden soul fire. In the soul fire, Qiu Feng's body was quickly burned to the ground. Several of his holy vessels burst out. Although the soul defense is only a low-level soul holy vessel, the holy vessels of physical defense and attack are not weak. They are all middle-level holy vessels, five in a middle node. Another time node reached six, which was stronger than the previous good fortune. It's good to know your enemy and know yourself. Lin Tian's face showed a smile, he had long known from the memory of the former silent subordinate that Qiu Feng's soul holy vessel was only low-level, and because of this, the first attack he used was the soul attack. If the soul attack does not work, then he will soon use the God to carry out continuous attacks.

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