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It turned out that in the Song Dynasty, official prostitutes were used as modern etiquette ladies, and one of their important missions was to embellish major activities such as entertainment sponsored by the government. Every time there is a major event, the government will requisition the official prostitutes to arrange them above, in order to look at the spectacular. Uh-huh, there seems to be a rumor: "In Xining, Wang Anshi implemented a new law, and the government scattered money for young crops.". He once ordered an official prostitute to sit in a restaurant for pleasure in order to confuse the people. However, the official prostitutes of the Song Dynasty did not encounter the trouble of "hidden rules" compared with Miss Etiquette. Because the law of the Song Dynasty forbade officials to have "ambiguity" with official prostitutes. Because of this layer of legal protection, their attitude towards officials is very "level"-which is what modern people call "loose attitude". Disobedience "," disobedience to management "and so on." In the Song Dynasty, it was not a crime for official prostitutes to be so undisciplined, and those officials who ate "organizational meals" looked at them with great appreciation for their "nonsense" without even a word of gentle reproach. One by one, acting like an escort. This makes the building a mess. Instead, the new Jinshi has become the ornament of the female porridge in Manlou. The officials of the Ministry of Rites themselves were sweating profusely, exhorting and exhorting. But the group of official prostitutes were still talking and laughing, and although they did not move at their feet when they stood, they did not stop for a moment in their mouths. What is particularly exasperating is that the "section-level beautiful" official prostitute is not like a section-chief official who accosted her. The "section-level beautiful" official prostitute ignored the director's orders. When she saw the young new Jinshi, she immediately winked at him without any organizational principles. By the way, she waved her fragrant handkerchief around, which made people intoxicated. East Qiming, West Changgeng, Antarctic Beidou, laughing and asking who is the star picker? Jin Sailan, the top prostitute standing at the head of the official brothel team, turned her eyes and greeted Xu Shixi, who was crowded in. Spring peony, summer peony, autumn chrysanthemum and winter plum, "Xu Shixi smiled proudly, and after standing still, he was as happy as a cheating cat.". Zhou Bangshi that gas ah-make friends carelessly, this fellow is too hateful, people say north, south,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, east and west, he said spring, summer, autumn and winter, this also let people live? He pondered a little, clenched his back teeth, and spat out a sentence ferociously: "Zhou has Sao, Han has Fu, Tang and Song poetry, today's shallow language brother Zhou Liu." The geisha were shocked and moved, and Zhao Xing complained bitterly-making friends carelessly! What to do? Xu said "spring, summer, autumn and winter" four kinds of flowers, Zhou said "Zhou Han, Tang, Song, Sao Fu poetry" four kinds of articles, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, what do I do? I can't go up the mountain to fight tigers, can I? Bitter! Bitter! Pain! "Zhou Liu" in the couplet of Zhou Bang's style refers to the representative figures of the school of love poetry in the Song Dynasty: Zhou Bangyan and Liu Yong. At that time, people commented on the poems of these two people: "The light language is interesting, the shallow language is meaningful, the light and sharp new, and the posture is full.". Although Zhou Bangshi is not a flower man, he said, "I am Zhou Bangyan's brother.". What could be a better name for a prostitute? So he said softly, "Tanhualang pulled over!"! Zhao Xing could not hesitate. In the blink of an eye, he quickly replied, "Purple Number One Scholar, Apricot List Eye, Su Lang Tanhua, don't ask about the red chair in the list!" Everyone laughed, and the prostitutes laughed even more. The Song Dynasty stipulated that at the Qionglin Banquet or Jinmingchi Dianjiao, the Number One Scholar wore red clothes, so it was called "Number One Scholar Red"; the Number Two Scholar wore apricot yellow clothes, so it was called "Golden Eye" among the people; the Number Three Scholar wore plain white clothes, which made his skin white and ruddy, so they were called "Su Lang" and "Fen Lang" among the people. Both of them were called "Tan Fen (Su) Lang", and later it. Except for these three people who have regulations on the color of their clothes, the rest of the new Jinshi are awarded according to their official ranks. Each wore his own official uniform-mostly black or green. In the imperial examination, besides the title of the Number One Scholar, there is also the title of "Red Chair". Because at the end of the list published by the imperial examination, the last name is marked with red, indicating that the list is correct, and this is the end. So the last one on the list is commonly known as "sitting in the red chair". Zhao Xing is now wearing "miserable green". It is also a "miserable green teenager". He first took stock of Sanding Jia's clothes in an envious tone, then said that he was the last in the imperial examination and sat in a red chair, hoping that others would ignore him. Comparatively speaking, of the three new couplets, Hsu Shih-hsi was the best. This fellow was worthy of his literary talent, while Chou Pang-shih was a bit of an emotional brute when he brought up his elder brother. Zhao Xingdi's couplets did not abide by strict antithesis, but the first two people said absolutely. In this case, he can come out even if it is excellent, not to mention the funny elements contained in the couplet. It doesn't make people serious. After a burst of laughter, Zhao Xing was the most popular. Kinsailan was the first to answer, and the words were full of intimacy: "Da Lang, yesterday I was in Da Su's place. I wanted to find Da Lang to learn singing, but I didn't expect Da Lang to go in and out, and I couldn't be idle for a moment.". Now that I've met you today, I'll take your car later. Da Lang won't refuse it. Hu Lianlian is a private prostitute, and her feelings are different from those of Kinseland. She made a bow and said, "I heard that Da Lang picked up Liao Xiaoxiao yesterday." Small sick for many days, the slave family involuntarily, not to visit, fortunately small have big Lang care. The slave family is really envious. I don't know how Xiaoxiao is now. After this is over, can the slave family go with Da Lang to visit him? Prostitutes are eager to meet an affectionate lover. The relationship between Zhao Xing and Liao Xiaoxiao is not deep, but Zhao Xing can stand up at the critical moment. Block the wind and rain for Liao Xiaoxiao. How can such a man not be favored by prostitutes. As soon as Hu Lianlian's voice fell, a group of prostitutes were out of order. They approached Zhao Xing one after another and wanted to ride with Zhao Xing in the name of a visit. A group of prostitutes gathered around Yingying and Yanyan, and the order of the scene was completely chaotic. Other new Jinshi looked enviously in this direction, but Zhuangyuan Lang Zhan Miao's eyes were full of resentment. The officials of the Ministry of Rites could not bear to see this. They sighed, "That's all for today. Who is in charge of the water swing?" Tang Anan and Pan Chengxin raised their handkerchiefs and answered crisply. The official of the Ministry of Rites asked again, "Who is Cuju?" A group of prostitutes, including Kinsailan and Hu Lianlian, raised their hands and promised loudly. The official of the Ministry of Rites asked again according to the list, "Where is the donkey ball?" What about the left and right armies? Where's the tongue? Groups of prostitutes promised loudly,Serum Bottle With Dropper, and the official of the Ministry of Rites said feebly, "It seems that you can't do it today. You can go back and practice by yourself. Two days later, there will be a mistake. Hum.." 。

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