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Jin Dalong hurriedly said: "Good, good, good, I do not say, I do not say, OK?"? But, Yujing, if your opinion is right, is it worse to let the old man misunderstand her like this? "Don't worry," said Shen Yujing. "I've thought of that for a long time. When the facts are clear and the truth comes out, let the old man clear up the misunderstanding by himself." Jin Dalong smiled, nodded and said, "All right, I'll listen to you." Shen Yujing did not speak first red Jiao dimple, deep glance, charming tunnel: "This is my good..." With a shout of joy from far to near, it suddenly fell in front of the car. As soon as the car was lifted, Jin Xiaolong poked his head in and said with a smile, "Sister-in-law, eldest brother, please get out of the car. Dad is waiting!" Jin Dalong hurriedly got out of the car with Shen Yujing on his arm. He saw the old man standing outside the woods with a smile. At the right moment, he said with a smile, "Dalong, I didn't expect you to bring a daughter-in-law back. Hurry up, hurry up, please invite Miss Shen over." Jin Dalong promised and walked over with Shen Yujing. Shen Yujing is really not nervous, she is very calm,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the old man's face, as if to find something from the old man's face, near, Jin Dalong said with a smile: "Yujing, this is the adoptive father Sikong Shenyi." "" Yujing has seen her adoptive father, "said Shen Yujing. Old man Jin burst out laughing. He raised his hand and said, "I don't deserve it. I don't deserve it. Tai Lung, help Yujing quickly. Help Yujing quickly." Jin Dalong answered with a smile in his mouth, but his hands did not move. Shen Yujing quickly glanced at the hands raised by the old man, whose little fingers were missing a section. Old man Jin was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth. "Yujing,Sex Enhancement Powder," he said, "as soon as I heard Tai Lung talking about you, I wanted to see you right away, but he said you had moved and would have to wait a few days.." "Yes, godfather," said Shen Yu-ching. "He's telling the truth." Jin Dalong wanted to speak, but Yujing took the lead. She said, "I heard him say that your eyes are not convenient. Sometimes Xiaolong has to be busy with other things, so I came to wait on you.." Jin Dalong took a deep look at her, which contained a lot of praise and relief. The old man laughed and said, "Oh, I don't deserve it, I don't deserve it, how can I deserve it.." "You don't think that's right," said Shen Yujing. "Yujing," said the old man, "how can you say that you haven't passed the door yet? Besides, you don't have a fixed place to live now, and it's hard to have three meals. How can you be wronged before you pass the door? In addition, Theobromine Powder ,D BHB Factory, the wind and frost are very bitter, and the situation is extremely dangerous. "You're not afraid at such an old age," said Shen Yujing. "What hardships are young people afraid of?"? As for the latter, Yujing will certainly not be in any danger under your wing protection. The old man laughs: "Good, good, good, you stay, you stay, thank you, girl." "Are you still polite to Yujing?" Asked Shen Yujing. Old man Jin smiled and said, "Yujing, your father, your mother.." "It's all settled," said Shen Yujing. "That's all right," said the old man. "It's.." "At Liuba," said Shen Yujing. Old man Jin said, "Oh, that's a good place. In the past, Zhang Liang came from Chiji, Huangshi.." Jin Xiaolong suddenly pulled him. The old man said in astonishment, "Xiaolong, what are you doing?" Jin Xiaolong complained, "Why did you forget? Take it out!" Old Jin shook his head twice and said with a smile, "You see, I've forgotten all my business, thanks to Xiaolong's reminder." Tanhuai took out something and handed it out. "Yujing," he said, "this is my gift. Take it." It was a pair of jade bracelets, white and flawless. Jin Dalong quickly reached out and handed it to Shen Yujing. Shen Yujing thanked him. Old man Jin laughed and said, "Tai Lung, I won't put it away again. What are you robbing?" Jin Dalong laughed. "At that moment, Shen Fu came over shakily and said," Old slave Shen Fu, I've seen the old man. With these words, he was about to salute. The old man asked Jin Dalong to help him and said, "Old man, you are getting old. I don't deserve it. Don't give me this gift." Shen Fu thanked him and stepped back. Old man Jin immediately said, "It's an eyesore here. Let's go into the woods." So a group of people went into the woods with the carriage. Of course, they could not live in the woods, and in the evening, a group of people, together with the carriage, turned back to Fufeng County. They found an inn in the county seat and stayed there. The night was even quieter, so they went back to their rooms. When the girl Shen Yujing returned to her room, she bent over her desk and wrote only thirteen words on a narrow piece of plain paper, which read: "You're right. His right little finger is missing a section." Then he handed the note to Shen Fu. Shen Fu retreated and closed the door behind him. Moments later, a homing pigeon rose from the backyard of the inn, pierced the silence of the night, and disappeared into the vast night sky. This, no one knows. The next day, the carriage galloped out of the inn. It was Shen Fu who drove the carriage. Before long, Jin Xiaolong helped the old man leave the inn. Shen Yujing did not serve him with old man Jin at any time. This is last night's decision, when talking about this issue, Jin Xiaolong thought that the elder brother and sister-in-law should still be together, of course, he is a good intention, no matter what the old man thought in his heart, but he can not object. Strangely, the girl,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, Shen Yujing, did not insist on being with the father-in-law to serve him at any time. As a result, he was divided into two groups.

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