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The bow was very hard, and Jahnke exerted all his strength to pull away five or six minutes. He bent his bow and aimed at a grass mound more than ten meters away. He opened his bow hard and shot an arrow beside the iron mound. The arrow poked deep into the ground. Jahnke ran over, carefully pulled out the arrow and wiped it clean. The arrow was still sharp. At that moment, he suddenly felt that he had returned to the ancient times of Mongolian grassland riding and shooting. Jahnke walked up to the old man and asked, "How far were you from the swan when you shot it?"? Just seven or eight steps. You were so close to the swan that the swan didn't see you? "The day before yesterday, I went into the reed pond to look for the swan's nest. It took me most of the day to find it," said Lao Wang, knocking on the tobacco pouch pot. Early this morning, we put on reeds and reed hats and rowed in slowly. Thanks to the heavy fog, the swan did not see it. The nest of the swan is more than one person high. It is piled up with reeds. The goose hatches eggs in the nest, and the gander watches back and forth in the nearby waterway. So was it a male or a female that you shot? We lie low, and we can't shoot the nest, so we wait for the male. After waiting for a long time, the gander swam to the raft. I shot an arrow through the heart, and it fluttered a few times and then ran out of breath. The goose heard the noise and ran away quickly, and then we leaned over and picked up the two eggs in the nest. Yang Ke thought to himself that the ability of these refugees to survive and destroy was really no small matter. Bows and arrows can be made without bullets; rafts can be made without boats. Can also camouflage,smart board touch screen, can lurk for a long time, can hit the first round. If they are equipped with guns, ammunition and tractors, they may not be able to destroy the grassland? Their ancestors were originally herdsmen, but after being conquered and assimilated by the farming culture of the Han nationality, they became enemies of the Mongolian grassland. For thousands of years, the Chinese people have often been proud of their extraordinary ability to assimilate foreign nationalities,digital touch screen board, but the Chinese people can only assimilate nationalities with lower cultural level than their own, and never mention the disastrous consequences of assimilation. Jahnke saw the consequences and saw the blood in his heart. Ershun finished cleaning the raft and sat down to rest. Jahnke was most concerned about the two swan eggs. Since the mother swan is not dead, she must put the eggs back into the nest, let the two little swans be born, and fly away with their mother to distant Siberia. With a smiling face, Yang Keqiang said to Old Wang Tou, "You are really great. I really have to learn from you in the future.". "We can't do anything else," said Lao Wang with a proud smile. "We can hunt birds, hunt otters, hunt wolves, dig medicinal herbs, 75 inch smart board ,touch screen whiteboard, pick mushrooms and so on. We are experts. These things, our hometown originally have, then rushed into the Kanto into the meadow of the Han people too much, the land is not enough, wild things also let you Han people eat up, thanks to our old ability did not forget, had to go to the prairie to eat. Although we are also Mongolians, it is not easy for us to be away from home. You educated youth come from Beijing and have local registered permanent residence. In the future, you should say more good words to our outsiders. Don't let the local old Mongolians drive us away. They can listen to you. If you promise, I'll teach you a few tricks, and I'm sure you'll get a thousand or eight hundred yuan a year. Jahnke said, "Then I will take you as my teacher.". Lao Wang leaned over to Yang Ke and said, "I heard that you and the herdsmen have left a lot of mutton fat in your bags. Can you get me some?"? Forty or fifty of us do heavy work every day. We eat high-priced grain bought from the black market. We also eat wild vegetables and vegetarian food every day. There is no oil and water in our stomach. But you still use mutton fat to light the lamp. What a waste! You can sell me some mutton fat at a low price. Jahnke laughed and said, That's easy. We still have two cans of mutton fat in our bag. I think these two swan eggs are very nice. Well, can I exchange half a can of mutton fat for these two eggs? Old Wang Tou said, Success! These two big eggs, I take back is also fried to eat, as is to eat five or six wild duck eggs, you take it away! Jahnke hurriedly took off his coat and carefully wrapped the swan's eggs. He said to Old Wang Tou, Tomorrow I'll send you the mutton fat. Lao Wang said, "You Beijingers mean what you say, and I can trust you.". Jahnke took a breath and said, "It's still early now. I want to borrow your raft to go into the lake and see the swan nest." You just said that the swan's nest is as tall as a man. I don't believe it. I have to see it with my own eyes. Lao Wang stared at Jahnke's horse and said, "Yes.". Tell you what, I'll lend you the raft, you lend me the horse. I have to carry the goose to the kitchen. This goose is so heavy that it will soon be on top of a sheep. Jahnke stood up and said, That's settled. Wait, you have to tell me where the swan nest is. Old Wang Tou also stood up and pointed to the reed lane and said, "Go to the east end and then turn north. There are a lot of reeds lying down in that lane under the pressure of the raft.". If you paddle along the waterway, you'll find it. Can you paddle a raft? Jahnke got on the raft and made a few steady strokes with his shovel. He said: I often go boating in Beihai Park in Beijing. I can also swim. It's no problem to swim several kilometers. I can't drown. Old Wang Tou exhorted again: "Then you come back and tie the raft as usual.". Then he picked up the dead swan and carried it to the saddle. He sat on the horse's buttocks and walked slowly to the construction site. Ershun laboriously followed with a big basin. When the two men were far away, Jahnke went ashore, rolled up the clothes wrapped in swan eggs on the raft, and hurried to the reeds in the east. The broad lake reflected white clouds, which were dazzling, and a group of bold geese and mallards flew back from the north swamp. In the reflection, the waterfowl broke through the clouds and fog in the water, and soon floated steadily on the cushion of white clouds in the water. As soon as Jahnke rowed into the lake, he could not help slowing down his oars and immersing himself in the thick reed green. The fragrance of the lake water and reed leaves came from the reed lane,interactive whiteboard for schools, and the more he rowed in, the more green and clear the lake water was, as if he had really entered the Swan Lake in his dream. Yang Ke thought that it would be good if he could invite Chen Zhen and Zhang Jiyuan to visit Swan Lake together. The three of them would have stayed in the lake and drifted on the raft all day or all night. hsdsmartboard.com

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