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※ * ※ * ※ § ※ The last group of people were sent out by Chen Dong, the right doctor in charge of the Ministry of Punishment. The man in blue, who looked like a thin bamboo pole, crept in. Chen Dong picked up a bowl of goat's milk and opened his mouth to the opposite side. "What is that doing?" He asked. His name was Luo Ling, and he was the messenger of Chen Langzhong. After listening to Chen Dong's question, Luo Ling's face showed a strange look. He answered softly, "He is lying on the couch, humming a ditty.." "Poof!" Chen Dong spurted out a mouthful of milk. "What did you say?" He exclaimed? He Are you humming a ditty? "Yes," said Luo Ling with a wry smile! The little one never thought of. This man is really. Chen Dong stroked his beard gently and rolled his eyes suspiciously: "Lying on the couch and humming a ditty.." This man can't be so heartless. Can't he see that I'm deliberately snubbing him? "Herbalist," said Luo Ling, "from the young man's point of view, this is nothing strange. He was born as a military general. He was afraid that he didn't know a few words and knew the law of fart. If he really wanted to serve, he would be reluctant. It is said that this man is good at fists and sticks, especially at Cuju and Ju, which won the favor of Princess Taiping and made him rise rapidly. What is the real ability of such a person? The herbalist doesn't have to take him to heart at all. Luo Li said disdainfully, but there was a bit of envy in his tone, whether it was really capable or not,classroom interactive whiteboard, how could it not make people jealous and envious to become the guest of Princess Taiping? Princess Taiping is the flower of Luoyang. It is said that she is beautiful and gorgeous, and she has such a noble status. Not to mention that climbing this high branch has all kinds of advantages, even if there is nothing, it is enviable enough to hold such a enchanting and noble woman in her crotch. Chen Dong stroked his beard and said slowly, "If he is really so sensible, just ask him to occupy that seat and be an idler with his salary, and I won't bother to haggle with him.". If he doesn't know the face. Chen Dong Hei Hei sneered twice,smart boards for conference rooms, the next words did not go out to say, for Luo Ling's words he has believed a few minutes. Yang Fan is a disciple of Xue Huaiyi. He also started his career by being a face leader. He is also a mixed person who has no real ability except to please women. What's so strange about this move? Chen Dong worked hard and diligently, and made friends with his colleagues and fawned on Shangguan in many ways. He just wanted to go further and sit in the seat of Zuo Langzhong. Who knew that Yang Fan fell from the sky and easily robbed him of his future. Wasn't he angry in his heart? Behind Yang Fan, there was Xue Huaiyi, Princess Taiping, and it was said that there was also a Liang Wang. Of course, Chen Dong did not dare to confront him directly. If Yang Fan learned from his master Xue Huaiyi's practice of mixing people, he would swing his big fist and just use his fists and feet to argue with him. He was afraid that Cui Shilang would not stand up for him. But A soft knife kills people, who has anything to say? No matter how overbearing Yang Fan is, he can't go to the White Horse Temple to move reinforcements because everyone is not convinced of him. That kind of person is the most despised. When the time comes, he doesn't have to exclude himself. If he stays in the Ministry of Punishment, he will leave voluntarily. According to Chen Dong's idea, electronic board for classroom ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, first put Yang Fan on the air for a while, Yang Fan is bound to refuse to accept the loss of power, as long as he comes to find his own theory, he will give him a few difficult cases. This is the Ministry of Punishment, which deals with the most serious cases in the world, and the identities and backgrounds of the people involved are mostly very complicated. As long as he took out a few such cases and asked the young man to handle them, if he was smart enough, he would give in and be willing to be a puppet from then on. If he's not willing.. If a case was not solved satisfactorily, he would have to go away with a dusty face, pack up his bedding and go home to eat himself. Unexpectedly, this Yang Fan is not only a soft egg who depends on women to eat, but also a bastard, who doesn't care about the power of this place at all. Chen Dong patted his forehead gently, thinking about all the painstaking arrangements he had made before. He couldn't help laughing. He shook his head and sighed: "I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. I'm really making a mountain out of a molehill.." At that moment, a melodious bell rang in the distance. Chen Dong raised his head and said to Luo Ling, "Go and ask the herbalist Yang to come over. I'll have lunch with him." Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 407 free lunch. Throughout the morning, the Ministry of Punishment was busy, but Yang Fan, the chief officer of the "Small Ministry of Punishment", could not afford to lie down. When Luo Ling was ordered by Chen Langzhong to tiptoe into his office and go around behind the screen, he saw Yang Fan put the quilt across his body and was already asleep. Luo Ling couldn't help laughing. He stood on the edge of the couch and snickered. Then he came forward and patted Yang Fan on the shoulder and called out, "a herbalist?"? Yang Langzhong? "Well?" Yang Fan opened his eyes, his eyes fluttered, and he immediately became clear and fixed on Luo Ling's face. Yang Fan's eyes were very bright, and they were even sharper in the dim light of the inner room. Luo Ling had a feeling of being stabbed. He took a step back subconsciously. Then he bowed and said, "Chen Langzhong asked Yang Langzhong to come over and have lunch together later." Yang Fan turned over and sat up, put on his official boots, got up and straightened his clothes, and came out with Luo Ling. Yang Fan is not pretending, he just really fell asleep, he lay there alone thinking about the mind, tired unconsciously will come up. On the one hand, it was because I didn't sleep until the third watch last night when I was in love with Xiaoman. On the other hand, it was also affected by the season. The so-called spring sleepiness and autumn fatigue happened in the early autumn season. I naturally felt sleepy when I had nothing to do. Although he had not slept for a long time, he was full of energy. When he arrived at the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the courtyard, he felt the air was fresh. Yang Fan could not help straightening up and stretching his body, only to hear the joints of his body crunching like soybeans stir-fried in an iron pot. Luo Ling was astonished: "This man has a strong physique. He deserves to be a military general." Thinking of Princess Taiping, Luo Ling could not help but feel a sense of ambiguity in his heart: "No wonder you can get the favor of Your Highness." Hey, hey! Because it was nearly noon,interactive digital whiteboard, it was time for lunch, so the staff of each department had consciously stopped coming at this time, and Chen Langzhong's spacious office was much more deserted. hsdsmartboard.com

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