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When Liu Baoyi looked back, he did not know when a man would stand behind him: tall stature, sword eyebrows, tiger eyes, straight nose, chiseled lips, as if.. Snowy night! Nope Accurately looks like Xia Liang Wang Ye Xiao yuanfeng! How interesting If the snow night and Xiao yuanfeng like six or seven points, then this person is like seven or eight points. However, his eyes flashed and drifted, his expression was obscene, and his muscles were relaxed at a young age. And the king of summer is a million miles away. Coupled with such a tall stature, but issued a soft voice, let a person sound awkward and. Li Dashun frowned in disgust and glanced at him impatiently. He looked at Liu Baoyi and said, "It's true that there are no such things here, but since it's the little prince's order.." Somebody! This is General Manager Liu. In the future, he may be in charge of the Shaohua Palace. His orders are the orders of the little prince. Hurry up and get ready! The two servants in Tsing Yi went out quickly. Liu Baoyi looked at the man: "This is..." "My name is Zhou Xingwu. It's the book office of the palace. In fact, this time I also went to Yongning City and came back with the housekeeper." Zhou Xingwu smiled charmingly and looked at Li Dashun. "Just because General Shoude ordered me not to show my true face, I was mixed up in the bodyguard group and did not have a chance to meet the general manager.". However,temperature screening kiosk, if not this slave, this substitute prince is in the next, ha ha. So I came to see why this slave gave up me and asked him to be a slave for the prince. Zhou Xingwu began to use the soles of his feet to pull his cheek, which was lying on the ground on a snowy night, and pulled his face over to himself. The snowy night suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Zhou Xingwu like a fierce wolf. Zhou Xingwu was startled and his feet jerked out. He stroked his chest and said, "What a disobedient slave! I was shocked." "Hehe.." Are you the false prince who once pretended to be the king? "Xia Guiyan's voice suddenly rang, her eyes did not blink,facial recognization camera, suddenly as if she recognized the man, and her eyes flashed again.". Zhou Xingwu looked sideways at Xia Guiyan, and his eyes suddenly lit up. He bowed and said, "I once pretended to be a prince, but I didn't know about it. It was because I looked like a prince, so someone took me away and told me that I was the prince of Xia Liang.." Fortunately, Wang Ye not only didn't punish me for pretending to be the king, but also left me in the palace as a book. Xingwu is really grateful! Be sure to be Wang Ye To serve the little prince-but if the little prince has orders, Xingwu will obey them! "At the last sentence, Zhou Xingwu's soft and charming face quickly flashed a trace of violent and murderous look!"! Xia Guiyan stepped forward and said something, but Liu Baoyi coughed lightly, his eyes were like knives, and Xia Guiyan kept silent. Only for a moment, smart interactive whiteboard ,smart whiteboard price, Zhou Xingwu's violent, Xia Guiyan's like seeing an old friend, Liu Baoyi's careful precautions.. Suddenly, the clouds disappeared, and the three men withdrew their eyes. Liu Baoyi bowed and said, "Zhou Shuban, we're new here. I'm afraid we'll have a lot of trouble in the future." Zhou Xingwu smiled again and said, "Housekeeper Liu, Aunt Xia, it's a pleasure to meet you today.". In the future, we will all work for the little prince, and you must not be an outsider. The three of them bowed and saluted, as if they felt like old friends at first sight when they first met. Li Dashun and others only said that Zhou Xingwu was a snob and took the opportunity to take refuge in the little prince, but they didn't pay much attention to it. But I don't know that the snowy night in the ground will see everything. He suddenly realized that their eyes.. They should have known each other! They're acting. ! Why ? Why ? Mother As you said, if your son keeps his oath, you can not touch the lead beside his father. Lead wire! He said that he had impersonated the prince. He is the false prince that Xiang Er said! He If it's a mother's person, mother, how many years have you been planning.. Chateau de Vancia. Meihuazhuang. Leads. The lead around the father! On a snowy night, the Tanzhong acupoint seemed to burst, and I almost forgot where I was. I felt in a trance that my arms were separated by chains, my feet were off the ground, and my whole body was open. The wrist is so painful that it will break. What a familiar feeling. Yes! Fort Vancha …… Meihuazhuang. Lead wire! "Somebody, fix his cheap foot again, don't let him shake!" Liu Baoyi shouted. Already a few ladies of the court were ashen and shivering. Li Dashun shook his head and covered his mouth with his sleeve. He called Xia Guiyan and said in a low voice, "Aunt Xia, it's still early here. Why don't you take a look at the little prince's bedroom first?"? The little prince will attend the dinner later. I've prepared a lot of clothes for him. You can see how the little prince likes to wear them. These are all important things, and they are not wrong. Xia Guiyan had to promise to follow Li Dashun with some reluctance. As soon as Li Dashun waved his hand, all the ladies in the courtyard left, and half of the servants left. Zhou Xingwu saw that Li Dashun did not want those weak ladies to see the bloody scene before they found an excuse to go out, but there were only a few people left here, how could they play a public role? Xindao Liu Baoyi will be angry. 。 Liu Baoyi did not want to watch Xia Guiyan leave, but his face showed the color of joy. Smiling, he watched the two healthy servants hanging green bricks on their feet on a snowy night. Housekeeper Liu, why is this? Didn't I think it would be more warning to let such a stubborn slave shake under the whip? "Zhou Xingwu still uses that soft voice that makes people get goose bumps." Hehehe. Zhou Shuban didn't do anything about punishment, did he? You don't know when to flog. If the slave's body swings with the whip, the power will be offset a lot. Don't you believe it? Don't tie it first. Get a bucket of saline.. How interesting I'll give you a few whips and you'll see the marks. Liu Baoyi raised the whip in his hand, which was a short whip three feet long. The strange thing is that the whip is divided into five strands, made of raw cowhide strips, each of which has sharp edges and corners, and each of which has a knot in the tail. Snowy night sees this leather whip, in the eye finally appears the fear, subconsciously the whole body muscle tightens tightly. Charm,digital signage screen, there is an orifice in the execution Liu Baoyi coldly told a healthy servant beside him: "You come to count off, speak up!" "Brush!" A whip was printed on the chest of the snowy night. The body of the snowy night swung back. He suddenly raised his head and let out a dull moan. The ragged coat was pulled open again, and there were five more blood stains on the chest where the old wound had healed. "One!" The valet called out.

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