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Therefore, the atmosphere here seems a little dignified, but also a little terrible. I don't know how long it took, but Chang'e finally sighed. I said, what should I do? Give me a letter. Even if you want to besiege me, then do it. Why are you sitting there one by one? If you don't move, I..! "Who wants to besiege you? Who dares to besiege you?" Chang'e's words were not finished, and a voice outside Zixiao Palace had already taken over the conversation, with a little banter in his voice, "Who has the courage to besiege our Chang'e Fairy?" "Zhen yuanzi.." In the Zixiao Palace, except for Chang'e, the faces of the other sages all changed. Brother Hongjun, long time no see! Zhen yuanzi walked in with a smile on his face, handed his hand to Hongjun slightly, found a seat at random, sat down honestly and impolitely, and looked around for a while, "I won't come any more, the change of Zixiao Palace is not very big.." "Zixiao Palace has not changed for tens of thousands of years. Doesn't Brother Zhenyuan know?" Hongjun smiled and was noncommittal about Zhenyuanzi's uninvited visit. "But, brother Zhenyuandao, you really haven't been here for a long time!" "Yes, it's been a long time. I haven't been here since that fellow died. It's been tens of thousands of years, hasn't it?" Speaking of the word "Hou Yi", Zhen yuanzi has been paying attention to the expression on Hongjun's face, but there is no joy or sorrow on Hongjun's face, whether from his eyes or from his face, he can not see his mood now. I don't know what I'm doing here. "Oh, watch the play!" Zhen yuanzi almost didn't knock Hongjun down with a word. One side of Chang'e giggled, according to Zhen yuanzi's head is a slap, "see the play, see what play ah, you boy, my sister as an actor ah!" "I dare not!" Zhen yuanzi laughed hurriedly and said, "How dare I!" "It's best not to dare!" Chang'e gave him a white glance, and at a glance, the amorous feelings were infinite. If it were not for the fact that most of the people present were saints, he would have been half fascinated by this glance. However, Rao is so, in addition to Hongjun, sitting at the bottom of the Taishang Laojun and yuanshi Tianzun's heart can not help but a swing, the moment face slightly hot, steady mind, once again into the state of the ancient well without waves. But this kind of change can deceive others, but can not deceive Hongjun and Chang'e, Chang'e can not help giggling, that Hongjun is embarrassed to cough, looked at two people, no longer speak. There was another awkward silence. For a long time, Chang'e finally showed a sneer on her face. Ladies and gentlemen, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,pietra gray marble, if you don't make a sound, I won't accompany you! Then he stood up. Make a gesture to go. Wait A figure flashed out and stood in front of the Zixiao Palace. Huh?! Chang'e looked up at him. "Why, Jieyin, do you want to stop me?" "What do you want to do, brother Jieyindao?!" Without waiting for the guide to take over the conversation, Zhen yuanzi stood up from his seat and walked step by step in front of the guide. Then he took one look at Zhen yuanzi and said, "Brother Zhen yuandao.". This matter has nothing to do with you, I just want Yang Jian to give me an explanation! "Did you decide that Yang Jian had done this?" "Yes!" "What if it's not?" If not. I deserve to be punished! "Punishment, punishment for what?!" Chang'e gave a sneer. Listen, Jieyin, if you make trouble here again, believe it or not, I will tear off your bald head! "Enough is enough!" At this point, Hongjun finally opened his mouth, "Although there are still doubts about this matter, I believe the words of the guide.". Lingshan is destroyed. Countless casualties, this matter. After all, still need a confession, since Yang Jian's suspicion is the biggest, then. Might as well let him stay in this Zixiao Palace, after the matter is found out, if he did not do it, he will be punished naturally, and I promise you will be satisfied, if he did it, you can not protect the shortcomings! "You are wrong!" Chang'e turned around and said with a smile, "If he really did it, then I must be the mastermind behind it!" …… "Second God!" There was a wry smile on Mo Xuan's face. "Forgive me for speaking frankly. I just heard this word yesterday. Until now, I haven't figured out who this God and the second God are. Your request is really sudden!" "It doesn't matter whether it's sudden or not!" The Subhuti Patriarch said with a smile, "As for the things between the divine generals and the divine generals this time, I can't say clearly at the moment, but I can tell you for sure that becoming a sub-divine general is only good for you, not bad. You will gradually understand this later!" "Well!" Mo Xuan nodded, "in fact, I don't care, but, you may also know, I do things a little reckless, caused a lot of trouble, if not for the help of Kong Xuan senior, now I'm afraid I would have died, that Kong Xuan senior once mentioned to me.." "Five thousand years!" Subhuti laughed. "He asked for five thousand years' leave for you!" Mo Xuan is stupefied, "you know?!" "Kong Xuan had a good idea. He didn't want to do it any more this time, so he wanted you to take his place. It was only later that he saw the hope of reviving the demon clan from you, so he was reluctant to do it for another five thousand years. I want your five thousand years!" "This-!" Mo Xuan listened, can not help but embarrassed up, to know that this five thousand years of time is not to let oneself to squander, he needs five thousand years of time to revive the demon clan, if promised Subhuti. "You don't have to worry too much!" Subhuti laughed and said, "I will not delay your time, nor will I delay your affairs. I will also restrain you. The only difference from now is that you have the title of a sub-god!" "Well!" Mo Xuan nodded, he would not doubt Subhuti's words, because the master did not need to deceive himself at all. In that case,Marble Projects, it is better for the disciple to obey orders than to be respectful. Mo Xuan said with a smile, judging the hour and sizing up the situation is his specialty, and it is absolutely not a good thing to needlessly offend a saint.

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