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"In fact, the Du Peng family has always regarded face as too important, and neglected one of the most critical points.". After all, China is not a capitalist country like the West, so I think it is very difficult for us to develop our own forces there. It is for this reason that we should use legal means to solve this problem. Although it is a disgrace to the Du Peng family, this is the fastest and fastest way. And we can also use the relationship of the French government to put pressure on the Chinese government, so it will be easier to ask Tianlong Group for the 500 billion yuan. After saying that, the middle-aged man took a meaningful look at Kela. Suddenly, Kela fiercely patted the table in front of him, and then shouted excitedly: "Yes!"! How could I forget that. We originally signed a loan treaty with Tianlong Group. As long as we submit that treaty to China through the French government, I believe we will have an answer soon. And now that it's time for our Du Peng family to die, there's no need to worry about face. As long as we can get through this difficulty smoothly, we will still be the largest family in Europe, and no one dares to look down on us. Kela, who had figured out the cause and effect of the matter, was very excited. He patted the middle-aged man on the shoulder happily, and then patted him to contact the French government. The Du Peng family is indeed the largest family in Europe. In just a few hours, the French government agreed to send people to China to help them recover the 500 billion euros in the name of the government. After that, the middle-aged man was immediately promoted to be his deputy and gave him special advice. The efficiency of the French government was really fast. The next day, another special group arrived in China and submitted an application to the Chinese government for the return of the arrears. As ordinary business issues have suddenly been elevated to inter-state issues, this has also attracted great attention from the Chinese government. The Chinese government immediately launched an investigation into Tianlong Group, but in one day,ultrasonic dispersion machine, a lot of evidence was on the desk of investigators. In any case, the result of the evidence shows that Tianlong Group did borrow 500 billion yuan from Du Peng's family and had no intention of returning it. Because it is a problem between countries, the Chinese government has to put aside the protection of Tianlong Group, which ranks among the top in China, and has to deal with the matter impartially. Soon, the government's documents were immediately issued to B city, and the huge machine of the country began to operate at full capacity. When Xiao Zihao was discussing with his chief female adviser in the office how to deal with the revenge of Du Peng's family afterwards, suddenly the door of the office was opened and the special personnel of several countries came in directly. Xiao Zihao, who knew nothing about it, was just about to get angry when a document with the seal of the government appeared in front of him. He suddenly felt a chill in his heart, and then carefully took the document. When he saw the contents of the document clearly, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic metal welding, he immediately collapsed on the seat with an ashen face and murmured, "It's over, it's all over.". The Tianlong Group is gone, and even the Xiao family has been destroyed by me. And that female consultant at this time hurriedly took the document from Xiao Zihao's hand with trembling hands, she just read the first few lines of words, the whole person sat directly on the ground. She knew that because of her self-confidence, the rest of her life was ruined by her own hands. Tianlong Group is over, so Shenlong Group will never let go of those who used to be Xiao Zihao's confidant, and she happens to be one of them. From now on, she may not be born into those big companies all her life, and she is doomed to spend her life like an ordinary person. Those government officials did not pay attention to Xiao Zihao's current situation, and directly said in a voice without any emotion: "I think Chairman Xiao has read this document, so please cooperate with our next work. I don't want to use coercive methods to solve it. It's not good for either of us. I hope you can understand." Xiao Zihao nodded his head crazily and then said feebly, "You can do whatever you want!"! I don't care. Just please leave my people alone. ” "Well, since Chairman Xiao is so cooperative with our work, we can rest assured.". If there are no special circumstances, we will not go to Tianlong Villa, which you do not have to worry about. Then we will deal with the work at hand first, and ask Chairman Xiao to order your subordinates to cooperate. After the special agent finished speaking, he took a group of his men to various departments of Tianlong Group, while Xiao Zihao spent all his energy and fainted directly on the seat. With the cooperation of Xiao Zihao, the mission of those special personnel can be said to be very smooth. The accounts of the entire Tianlong Group, whether in the open or in the dark, immediately appeared in front of the special personnel. They immediately froze those accounts, and then pooled all the funds together to make a total of 300 billion euros. The remaining funding gap of 200 billion euros has directly sealed up the companies owned by Tianlong Group, waiting for the auction to raise funds. The government's move immediately made all the people who were originally optimistic about the Dragon Group at a loss. They thought they could drink some soup behind the Dragon Group, but they didn't know that the Dragon Group was over for no reason, and they would become the number one enemy of the Shenlong Group. Faced with the impressive Shenlong Group, which can fight with Tianlong Group, those large companies are better, and there is still a little room to save, while those small and medium-sized companies are all dumbfounded. They had hoped to take advantage of the chaos to make a small profit, but they did not know that this change had cost them themselves. Some clever, directly using the method of strong men breaking their wrists, sent all the things they had eaten back to the Dragon Group intact, in order to seek their understanding. And those who do not have a long head, they want to fight to the end,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, but the result belongs to them is only one, that is, destruction.

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