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As the first generation of Chaodai-class attack nuclear submarine of the Republic Navy, "Datang" is a favorite of thousands of people. At that time, hundreds of thousands of scientific researchers in the Republic spent ten years of hard work and countless funds on the research of nuclear-powered submarines. It was not easy to have the "Qianlong" strategic nuclear submarine. A large number of advanced technologies and construction experience have directly contributed to the rapid birth of attack nuclear submarines, so many marine military experts say that attack nuclear submarines are "dragons in the sea" standing on the shoulders of giants. " The "Datang" attack nuclear submarine has a single-hull structure in the shape of a water drop, with a main length of 110.3 meters, a width of 10.1 meters, a draft of 9.9 meters, an underwater displacement of 6927 tons, an endurance of 1 million nautical miles and a maximum submergence depth of 450 meters. Thanks to the equipment of a natural circulating water reactor and two steam turbines, the submarine has 32 knots of super terror underwater navigation speed. There are 12 missile vertical launchers between the bow sonar and the front end of the pressure hull. The main weapon system is four 533 mm torpedo tubes. It has almost the same advanced electronic equipment as the "Qianlong" strategic nuclear submarine. It is a deep-sea killer with high degree of digital automation, good crew habitability, strong concealment and attack performance. Compared with the important strategic mission of "three-in-one nuclear strike means" undertaken by strategic nuclear submarines, the main difference between attack nuclear submarines and conventional AIP powered combat submarines is that the former has a better power system, and can almost not consider the attack nuclear submarines for fuel plus a larger body. Therefore,316 stainless steel plate, it can carry more system platforms with more powerful combat effectiveness, which is a scientific and technological product in line with the law of "more work for the capable". The mission of attack nuclear submarines is closer to tactics. When they act alone, their wartime tasks are mostly to search for and attack all advanced submarines of the enemy, including attack nuclear-powered submarines and strategic nuclear submarines. They can also carry out the action of breaking diplomatic relations with the enemy. It is a consistent practice to deploy mines to blockade enemy ports. It is also one of the tasks to directly transport special forces to infiltrate secretly. Of course, they can also use their own cruise missiles to attack the enemy, while in peacetime,x52 line pipe, they mostly do tasks such as collecting marine hydrological and geological data and grasping the intelligence of the fleet of hostile countries. But often attack nuclear submarines, because of their strong cruise ability and fast underwater speed, often follow the fleet to fight, at this time they play their strong underwater concealment, excellent tracking and search capabilities, if necessary, they can even directly attack the enemy s urface fleet, of course, a lot of time is basically a "bodyguard". Especially as an underwater force to escort the carrier battle group. For example, the Republic Navy has been equipped with three attack nuclear submarines in succession, 316ti stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, one of which is the "Datang" which is accompanying the "Qianlong" strategic nuclear submarine and is "playing" in Europe, and is completing the task of providing protection for the strategic nuclear submarine and collecting marine hydrological data along the way, while the other two are not. A ship is organizing confrontation and coordinated exercises with the carrier battle group of the Third Fleet of the Navy in the Indian Ocean, basically preparing for future attack nuclear submarines to follow the carrier battle group, and the last one has entered the Sea of Japan, on the one hand, to further enrich the marine hydrological data of the Sea of Japan, on the other hand, to spy on the reconstruction progress of the Japanese Navy's joint fleet. Attack nuclear submarine is just like an assassin in the deep sea, with super martial arts and deadly weapons, can appear in the enemy fleet or around the enemy port to carry out deadly strikes, ultra-low noise can make the opponent do not know where death comes from, even if exposed, but often can avoid the opponent's counterattack by virtue of super-fast submergence speed and terrible submergence depth. But it is such an advanced attack nuclear submarine that has maliciously stared at the three old diesel-electric submarines that are busy running for their lives. It is as embarrassing as a Formula One racing driver who is driving his car slowly, only to find three old cars running through it breathing heavily. Are these three submarines owned by the British Navy or the German Navy? Why are you running like your ass is on fire in the middle of the night? If it is a submarine of the German Navy, but they have purchased air-independent propulsion system technology (AIP) from our country very early, is it difficult for the three of them to compete in the middle of the night to see who can run like a cow? Hu Wei, captain of the "Datang" attack nuclear submarine, was very puzzled, wearing high-fidelity headphones with the sonar sergeant, thinking hard about the puzzling grand occasion, but they did not know that one of the three submarines was standing on Churchill, Prime Minister of the British Empire, who was enjoying a person's sea breeze, cold and cool.. Chapter 280 redemption Chapter 280 redemption "There must be something wrong with these three submarines." The mechanical noise from passive sonar is very clear, and the noise from the three submarines that are running straight to the west is quite loud, so that the "Datang" attack nuclear submarine does not need to use towed sonar and active sonar at all, but from the passive sonar, it is tenacious with blazing, blazing and bold noise. Determine their course and speed. If it were really a German submarine, I would feel that they were not worth it. They invested so much money in our Republic to buy technology and equipment, but the submarine they built was such a virtue that it was like beating gongs and drums when sailing above the surface of the water. Those who did not know thought that three tractors were coming from the sea. On second thought, Hu Wei immediately gave up the idea,347 stainless steel, the German Navy's submarine, will be such a huge crazy voyage? Not long ago, their naval battle fleet sent the Atlantic Fleet of the United States Navy to the bottom of the sea. The whole Atlantic Ocean is basically their paradise on the sea. Are they going to rush all the way to Canada to carry out secret missions? Hu Wei immediately thought that the three submarines were not German Navy submarines. lksteelpipe.com

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