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Seeing Xie Wendong fall to the ground, Takayama Kiyoshi smiled and said, "Xie Wendong, are you dying?!" With that, he shook and fell down. As soon as Xie Wendong fell down, his nerves loosened, and his body, which was seriously overdrawn, had nothing to support it, and he staggered to the ground. He turned over, let himself lie on his back on the deck, turned his head, looked at Xie Wendong, and swallowed saliva with difficulty. Although he didn't say anything, he secretly admired him in his heart. He dare not say that his skill is invincible, at least in the Yamaguchi-gumi can not find an opponent, but Xie Wendong and he played for several hours, did not let himself take advantage of the slightest, such an opponent, is the only one he has ever seen. The Japanese are like this, you only have to let them admire the strength, they will show respect for you, otherwise, they smile kindly to you, that is also false. Xie Wendong lay on the deck and suddenly raised his hand. This action startled Takayama Kiyoshi, thinking that Xie Wendong was going to pull out some secret weapon. He wanted to climb up, but his body was out of his control at this time. Xie Wendong reached in, touched his pocket for a long time, and slowly pulled his hand out. Takayama was so nervous that he stared at him without blinking. When Xie Wendong pulled out his hand, his heart was in his throat. However, when he saw clearly what Xie Wendong was holding in his hand, he smiled and took a long breath. Originally, Xie Wendong did not take out any secret weapon from his pocket, but took out a piece of candy, which Qin Shuang gave him. He peeled off the candy wrapper with difficulty and stuffed the candy into his mouth. Kiyoshi Takayama shook his head with a smile and said, "It's hard to imagine that you would think of eating candy at this time!"! (UK) Xie Wendong ignored him. After holding the sugar in his mouth, he closed his eyes and breathed a long sigh. After a while, when he opened his eyes again, everything around him had stopped rotating, and his head was no longer dazed. If you can still see Qin Shuang, you must thank her very much! Xie Wendong raised the corners of his mouth, turned his head, and looked at Takayama Kiyoshi with twinkling eyes. Takayama Kiyoshi was startled by his sudden change. Just now his face was bloodless and his eyes were blurred, but now he has returned to his normal appearance, which is too hard to understand. Could it be. Takayama Kiyoshi turned his eyes to the candy wrapper in his hand and shouted, "Xie Wendong, what you ate didn't contain stimulants, did you?"? (UK) "Ha ha!" Xie Wendong laughed, slowly climbed up from the deck, and walked to Takayama Kiyoshi step by step. Although the sugar suppressed his hypoglycemia, Inflatable bouncer , after hours of fighting, his body was still very weak, and his physical strength could not be replenished by a piece of sugar. Seeing that he was coming towards him step by step, and the approaching danger inspired the potential of Takayama Kiyoshi, he did not know where the strength came from, and staggered to his feet. As soon as he stood up, Xie Wendong arrived and punched him in the face. Xie Wendong body has no strength, this punch, almost even a normal person can not be knocked down, in the face of Takayama Kiyoshi at this time, but it is enough, the latter oops, two steps back, a buttocks sitting on the ground. Xie Wendong also wanted to catch up with him and make up two punches, but he really could not exert a trace of strength. He fell askew and slipped softly on the railing of the boat. Download the text version of the novel, please come to the network, leisurely book alliance, non-toxic, no pop-up window, high-speed download experience. Chapter 29 You.. You can't beat me! Although Takayama Kiyoshi waded on the ground, his mouth was still very hard. Xie Wendong leaned against the railing, smiled and said, "At least, I didn't lose." As he spoke, he pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth with difficulty, but the lighter could not hit it. Kiyoshi Takayama laughed and said, "You don't even have the strength to light a fire.." Xie Wendong put down the lighter feebly and squinted at Takayama Kiyoshi. Takayama Kiyoshi was even more miserable than Xie Wendong. He didn't even have the strength to look at him. He twisted his head and looked out of the boat. Suddenly, his eyes were wide open and his mouth was open. He murmured, "Maybe you and I will both die here!" Xie Wendong was stunned and looked at Gao Shan Qingsi's shocked expression. He didn't understand what was going on. Following his eyes, Xie Wendong turned his head with difficulty and looked out of the railing. He saw a cliff in front of the yacht. It was more than 20 meters high. The strange rocks were bulging. The yacht was rapidly crashing into the cliff. Hurry up Turn the rudder! With a cry of surprise, Kiyoji Takayama crawled to the cabin on his hands and feet. Xie Wendong sat in place, in his view, that is meaningless, with his and Takayama Qingsi's strength, even if he can climb into the cabin, I am afraid that before the sharp turn of the rudder, the yacht has hit the cliff. Kiyoshi Takayama crawled as hard as he could, but with his last ounce of strength, he climbed three meters away. Exhausted, he lay on the ground, gasping for breath. He looked back and saw Xie Wendong still sitting. He roared, "What are you doing?"? Do you really want to die? Xie Wendong twitched at the corners of his mouth and looked pitifully at Takayama Kiyoshi. Instead of speaking, he stood up holding the railing and looked up at the cliff getting closer and closer. He bit his teeth and turned over and broke down on the deck. Splash! Xie Wendong plunged into the sea and sank rapidly in the sea. When he sank five meters, he began to float up. Seeing Xie Wendong jump into the sea, Gao Shan Qingsi panicked. He first looked at the cabin six or seven meters away, and then looked at the cliff that was clearly visible. With a loud roar, he began to climb desperately to the railing. As soon as Xie Wendong reached the surface of the sea, he heard a splash in front of him, and Takayama Kiyoshi fell into the sea with his hands and feet dancing and shouting. He smiled and waded on his back in the sea, trying to save his strength and let his body move with the waves. After waiting for a while, Takayama Kiyoshi also floated up, treading water with his legs, showing his head,Inflatable indoor park, and looking straight at the yacht getting closer and closer to the cliff. The yacht crashed into the cliff with a deafening noise, followed by an earth-shaking explosion, and the yacht turned into a ball of fire and rose under the cliff.

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