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Therefore, the second fleet that went south earlier was used by him to lure the Chinese task force into the bait. In his opinion, the Chinese task force must have entered the East China Sea after leaving the Zhoushan naval port, looking for an opportunity to go east at the right time, finding the main fleet of the Japanese Navy and destroying it. But he did not know that the Chinese fleet was heading east by south, away from the Japanese First Fleet, but closer to the Japanese Second Fleet. To his surprise, the scope of attack of the Chinese fleet is far beyond his imagination. There is a saying in China that "big and small take all", but now the task force is really "far and near take all". As a result, the large-scale reconnaissance aircraft fleet dispatched by the Japanese First Fleet, Isoroku Yamamoto, could not find the task force at all, while the Second Fleet's Nagumo Tadao Yizhong was a little clever but very confused. For the first time in a large-scale carrier fleet operation, he had always taken into account China's submarine threat, so before letting the carrier sail fast against the wind in order to release the reconnaissance fleet, He also asked a large number of destroyers to search first, to confirm that there was no submarine threat, and then sent a reconnaissance fleet, which was already six o'clock, only half an hour before dawn. Perhaps he was right to do so, because Isoroku Yamamoto clearly told him that the second fleet was a bait for the task force, so the task force was probably very close to the second fleet. The reconnaissance plane sent by Lieutenant General Chuichi Nagumo was able to carry out reconnaissance within about 100 nautical miles of the fleet at dawn, which was also in line with what should be done as a decoy, and he seemed to care too much about the identity of the decoy, so early that the aircrew began to prepare for the departure of the carrier's fighters, according to him, the decoy was to be attacked. He needs to carry the first wave of attacks from the Chinese task force before he can send his own attack force. Therefore,Gear Reduction Motor, the aircrew of the Second Fleet first made preparations for the departure of the carrier-based fighters, and then let the reconnaissance planes take off one after another to reconnoitre after they were ready. For this reason, he also felt that there was something wrong with it, so when the Second Fleet was preparing for fighter planes, he deliberately sent a telegram to the commander of the Okinawa Air Base after a seaplane flew far away from the fleet, asking him to send a reconnaissance plane to search the northeastern waters as soon as possible, which was a supplement to his fleet's small reconnaissance area. In this way, all the reconnaissance planes of the Japanese First Fleet failed to find the task force after dawn. The reconnaissance plane of the Second Fleet has not yet been able to fly to a reconnaissance distance of about 300 nautical miles, but a Japanese maritime reconnaissance plane from Okinawa, two rookie pilots who do not know the depth of heaven and earth, has hit the dog shit luck. The Japanese Navy did not equip the Okinawa Air Base with professional reconnaissance planes, so all the reconnaissance planes were the base's air defense fighters and old biplane bombers, and even the base's old biplane maritime reconnaissance planes were sent out. It was Tomoji Ozawa and Hayashi Tsukahara who were flying a maritime reconnaissance plane with a maximum speed of no more than 180 nautical miles per hour. Both of them were novices who had just graduated from the aviation school. They did not know if they were too poor, so they were assigned to Okinawa Island to fly the old maritime reconnaissance plane. When they set out from Naha Harbor, Brushless Gear Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, it was still dark, and the two men, who were just as sleepy, were called up to carry out a reconnaissance mission. After filling their stomachs with complaints, they were asked to go due north for reconnaissance. When the two men arrived at about 280 nautical miles due north of Okinawa Island in a snail-like reconnaissance plane, the day was already bright, but they had to take turns holding binoculars in the beautiful scenery of the morning glow. Check with sore eyes whether there is a Chinese task force in the sea area more than 1000 meters below. I really can't stand it. "After observing for half an hour, Takahara Hayashi's eyes were already misty. It was the time when the sun was rising and the whole sea was golden. After observing with binoculars for too long, Takahara Hayashi's eyes could not stand it, and his body and mind were even more unbearable." Let me do it. Tomoji Ozawa, who is a fallen man with Tsukahara Lin, understands his partner's mood very well at this time, and he is even more tired of such endless painful search. Although it is not as good as looking for a needle in a haystack, it is also very difficult to find a large fleet with erratic whereabouts in the vast sea. When the two men were still unaware of it, a helicopter 75 nautical miles away in the northeast direction, which was a temporary guest of the early warning aircraft, although its early warning range could not be compared with that of the early warning aircraft, the sea and air targets within 100 nautical miles around it could not escape. But the slow biplane reconnaissance plane piloted by Tsukahara Lin and his two men, the simple structure of wooden structure and metal frame, let them escape for a while, but for a long time. It was quickly locked, and then the early warning helicopter informed the Shimin aircraft carrier of the situation. An F-12 "Eagle" fighter patrolling 160 kilometers away from the fleet was quickly ordered to kill the old aircraft which infiltrated from low altitude. The task force maintained radio silence throughout, but the silence was broken when the Shimin made an air defense mission for the early warning helicopter to report, that is, to order the fighter planes on patrol to shoot down the Japanese reconnaissance aircraft. In fact, the old maritime reconnaissance plane, which took off from Okinawa, did not detect the task force at all, let alone send any telegrams. The "Xiongying" fighter plane, which was responsible for shooting down the reconnaissance plane piloted by the Tsukahara Hayashi, did not take the initiative to break the radio silence, so it did not turn on the airborne fire control equipment, but launched a search entirely on the basis of the location information provided by the early warning helicopter, and planned to use the gun to kill the two-wing maritime reconnaissance plane, which was as slow as a snail. What's that? After changing to the investigation of the Tsukahara Hayashi, when the Tsukahara Hayashi had just finished the front, left side and was ready to turn around to look at the right side, a small black spot suddenly appeared over the left side of the plane, and the speed was very fast. It must be an enemy plane, but it's too fast. Ozawa Zhiji glanced at it, and after exclaiming, he quickly lowered the nose of the plane, because he had already felt that the small black spot that was getting bigger and bigger was spewing out a long string of guns, and the shells and tracer bullets were just short of hitting the wings. He only heard that the old birds said that under normal circumstances,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, there is a limit to the height of a fighter's dive, and that the low-altitude performance of a biplane is better, so it is easy to get rid of the enemy's entanglement. So he did not hesitate to choose to press the nose.
Jiang Yan motioned to the Empty Monk, "Empty Monk, please use tea. This is the spirit tea collected from the demon world. It has the function of calming down and washing the restless spiritual fluctuations in the body. It is quite good for the practitioners who have just advanced. You can taste it, Empty Little Monk." "Your spirit tea is something that people never get tired of drinking. All the good things in the Valley of the Spirit Medicine of the Yunlan Demon World are occupied by your family. It's really the envy of the little monk." Monk Kongse picked up the teacup on the table in front of him and said as he tasted the tea. Cloud shadow is like a good baby, very lady sitting on the futon beside Jiang Yan, motionless, just like a gentle and elegant girl. "Big Brother," Yun Ying rolled his big eyes and suddenly pulled Jiang Yan's sleeve. He said softly to Jiang Yan, "Perilla has built a base. Big Brother, you said that Perilla would take me to Linqing Mansion to play after building a base. Big Brother, you should keep your word." Jiang Yan took a look at the cloud shadow like a good baby and patted it on the head of the cloud shadow. "Well, what I promised for my brother will be fulfilled naturally. Your elder martial sister is going to practice Xiao Huanhun Dan to get out of the customs. If you get to the middle stage of building the foundation before Waner gets out of the customs, I will take you with me for my brother's trip to Linqing Mansion in a few days." "Yes!" The cloud shadow jumped up in place, happily jumped a few steps on the high platform, but suddenly thought that he was sitting beside his elder brother, the cloud shadow stuck out his small tongue, and sat down cross-legged beside Jiang Yan. Jiang Jushi already knew about the trip to Linqing after half a month. The empty monk put the empty teacup on the table in front of him and asked in a tone full of doubts. Jiang Yan said with a smile, "Xi and Jian Zong are divided. There is no master. The only three four-grade Zongmen in Tianyue are attacking each other. The situation in Dongmu District is turning down. The three four-grade Zongmen are restraining each other. None of them can successfully occupy Dongmu District. Monk came here. I'm afraid he should be asked by the Zongmen to hold a meeting of the three-grade Zong in Dongmu District,brushless gear motor, right?" Monk Kongse clasped his palms together and stood in front of his chest. He said in a lonely voice, "The way of heaven has the virtue of loving life. The three great sects have attacked each other for more than a year. The practitioners have been killed and injured countless times. They have made a mess of Dongmu District. The first sect in Tianyue was worried about a big event and asked to go to the temple. But the little monk had to come here to invite Jiang Jushi." "Monk Kongse, you've come to fool me again. What does it have to do with me, Jiang Yan, to hold a meeting of Sanpin Zongmen?" Jiang Yan patted Yunying's little head and looked at the empty color and said. Has the householder been perfected? Empty color monk did not answer Jiang Yan's question, but asked Jiang Yan to say. Jiang Yan's face was calm and modest, saying,Micro Gear Motor, "Thanks to the good fortune of the little monk, Yan is really a great success." "The Xihe Sword Sect fell apart, and the four-grade sect in Dongmu District was missing. The highest master of the Jinyan Sect was only in the late period of foundation building. In addition to the Jinyan Sect, the practitioners of the highest realm of the three-grade sect in other prefectures in Dongmu District were only in the middle period of foundation building. In the four-grade sect that filled the position of the Xihe Sword Sect, there must be practitioners who built the Dzogchen realm." Empty color monk took a look at Jiang Yan, see Jiang Yan did not have any reaction, but is the cloud shadow beside Jiang Yan, plain hand holding a small chin, big eyes full of curiosity brilliance, staring at themselves, empty color monk had to continue to lobby Jiang Yan. This three-grade Zongmen gathering is for the position of the four-grade Zongmen. Today, only Jin Yanzong, micro gear motor ,small geared motors, the three-grade Zongmeng, is the only one who dares to covet the position. Xie Wenyuan is covetous of this position, but he doesn't know that this position has already been booked by the Zongmen. "As long as the layman is willing to show his skills at the clan meeting and get the approval of the major clans, Huashan will immediately be the first clan in Dongmu District." "What are the advantages of my clan, little monk?" The cloud shadow's charming question came down from the stage. Monk Kongse was suddenly stunned, and his gentle expression changed. He looked at Yunying in a strange way, touched his bald head, and thought about it carefully. Then he said doubtfully, "It's a good thing to control hundreds of Zongmen in Dongmu District. One word can decide the fate of a three-grade Zongmen." Jiang Yan waved his hand, stopped the cloud shadow to continue to ask, said to the empty color monk, "these are just castles in the air, the strength of the clan is not enough, the three-grade clan will listen to your command, Xi and Jian Zong foundation master fell, where can continue to control the three-grade clan is an example.". Empty color master, say, what good can persuade me. Chapter 144 Sapphire Seal. Tianyuejie has a vast terrain. There are about thirty prefectures covering millions of square kilometers like Linqing Prefecture. According to different locations, these prefectures are under the jurisdiction of several different four-grade sects. At the same time, these four-grade sects are also under the management of Tiannan Sword Sect, the largest five-grade sect in Tianyuejie. Including the split Xi and Jian sects, the four four-grade sects in the four directions of the Tianyue Realm are: Xihe Sword Sect in Dongmu District of the East The Wuji Sect of the Southern Ming Dynasty in the Wanjia Mountain Area of the South The Xixia Sect in the Western Xixia Plain The Beiyuan School of the Northern Shuifu Kingdom Now the east wood area of Xi and sword sect completely split, east wood area is not able to command the east wood district of the big four grade sect, so attracted the rest of the three big four grade sect coveted, in the past two years, Xixia sect, southern Ming Wuji sect, north original school is a strange move, draw, surrender east wood district of the big sect, in an attempt to be able to unify the east wooden area, but two years later, The three big clan fought against each other, and the masters in the clan lost countless losses, but they all failed to seize a piece of land in Dongmu District. Under such circumstances, the Tiannan Sword Sect, a five-grade sect that had not made a sound for many years, finally appeared. According to the requirements of the Tiannan Sword Sect, the four-grade sects that could command the third-grade and second-grade sects in Dongmu District naturally had to be produced in Dongmu District. The Xixia Sect and other three-grade and four-grade sects all withdrew from Dongmu District and could not touch any part of it. The Xixia Sect, the Wuji Sect of the Southern Ming Dynasty, and the Beiyuan Sect,Small Geared Motors, the three four-grade sects were beaten to death, but in the end they withdrew their territory one by one. Moreover, the Tiannan Sword Sect of the five-grade sect strictly ordered that the disciples of the three four-grade sects of the Xixia Sect were not allowed to enter Dongmu District before the four-grade sect came into being in Dongmu District.
Blue white eyebrow eye also a pick: "who don't know Weiyuan villa and fire cloud religion in the past very close?" Turn around and go to the east side of Thailand, the hatred in the eyes bit by bit to condense. Xiong Feng and Zhu Chu dodged in front of Mr. Tai Hefeng of the East. Blue and white glanced at them, waved their sleeves vigorously, turned around and suddenly jumped under the tree where Li San was hiding, and waved his sleeves twice. Li San was frightened, and before he could react, Lan Bai turned around and went to the chairman's seat. When Lan Bai walked up to Gan Jing, the disciples and followers brought by the major sects fell to the ground, and then walked up to Geng Zhi. Geng Zhi's face changed greatly. As soon as the word "you" came out, people fell down. When she returned to her seat, the people below almost fell down, including the four people of Huoyun Sect. "Did you poison him?" Dongfang Tai said in a trembling voice. Blue and white just want to answer, a few feet away from the tree a tremor, "Dong" to drop a person. The three of them were still doing their duty in midair, but they said to the myna on their shoulders, "The fire cloud has broken its sleeve, and the blue and white have poisoned it." The situation is pressing, too late to modify the words, can only use the most straightforward and short words to express. The words finish, the person also fell to the ground,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Li San in the heart is aggrieved, three character classics angrily exports: "***, blue and white sorceress, Lao Tzu accidentally in your plot, later you are careful to fall into Lao Tzu's hand, see Lao Tzu does not punish you well." The myna was indeed the myna trained by Diao Ba. He repeated Li San's words faithfully: "The fire cloud breaks the sleeve, and the blue and white poison.". ***, blue and white enchantress,24v Gear Motor, I am not careful of your plot, after you are careful to fall into the hands of Lao Tzu, see Lao Tzu do not punish you well. Then flutter and flutter out of the wall. Li San regretted that he did not expect the myna's learning ability to be so strong. As hard as he could, waiting to reveal a little more truth, he suddenly dropped a punch and hit him in the stomach, and the truth was buried. The loyal myna flew to the door of the third wall, flapping his wings and shouting: "Fire clouds break sleeves, blue and white poison.". ***, blue and white witch, I'm not careful. In your plot, you should be careful in the future. Fall in the hands of Lao Tzu, see Lao Tzu do not take good care of. You It was a pity that the momentum was more than enough, but the energy was not enough. The heroes only heard the first two sentences, as well as the words "carelessly, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Planetary Gear Motor, carefully, and carefully". The myna had already fallen into a somersault in the air. Seeing that the bird's head was about to peck on the top of the wall, the white shadow in the air flashed, and the heroes saw a flower in front of their eyes. The white shadow disappeared, and so did the myna. Someone exclaimed, "What bird saved that bird?" Someone sighed: "Unexpectedly, birds are so affectionate and know how to help each other." "That's natural," said Diao Baxu proudly. "Not only do they value friendship, but they are also very infatuated. The white eagle fell in love with my myna. Naturally, he had to sacrifice his life to save her." The heroes were amazed for a while, and then worked together to edit the outline of the story from the myna. Geng Zhi glared at Lan Bai and breathed quickly. "Did you poison him?" Blue and white answered simply: "Yes." Go to Dongfangtai. "My Shihesan is refined from ten kinds of poison. Haven't you heard of Dongfangtai?" Glance at the crowd. "Don't worry. Shihesan won't kill you immediately. It will only break out once every other month. When it breaks out, you feel weak all over, and your internal organs are like ant bites. It's very uncomfortable." Turned around and kicked Dongfang Tai hard, but this kick was like kicking Mr. Feng's heart. Ty, are you okay? Blue and white Torture me if you want to. Blue and white gave a low smile and said ferociously, "You two shameless things, you look so affectionate and righteous all day long. It's really disgusting. It's a shame for Huoyun to have such abnormal animals like you." Xiong Feng and Zhu Chu covered their ears and could not bear to listen any longer. "It's too bad," said the heart. "The reputation of the Huoyun Sect has been completely lost. I just hope that all the people present are decent families and will not go around announcing the inside story. Naturally, they did not know that the inside information had been spread by the loyal Li San and Myna, and that the heroes were using their infinite imagination to interpret the four words "Fire Cloud Broken Sleeve". Geng Zhi asked again, "Did you poison my ten disciples?" Blue and white answered simply again: "Exactly.". ” Bai Changting also asked: "So, my son is not under the hand of Zhang Feng?" Zhong Xun said, "You all think that Zhang Fanren only knows the first four forms of the nether world, but you don't know that he knows half of the fifth form. This half is enough to frame Zhang Feng. It's ridiculous that you believe it so easily.". Ha-ha Xiao Yijie said in a deep voice, "I'm afraid you ordered Zhang Fanren to do it." Bai Changting gritted his teeth and said, "Where is this beast Zhang Fanren?" "Zhang Fanren has gone to see the King of Hell now," said Zhong An. We have avenged your death. "Amitabha, benefactor Zhong, benefactor Lan, you have done such bad karma. It's really.." Good, good! "Master Wuneng shook his head and sighed.". "Master Lan," said the Taoist Priest Pure Brightness, "what is your intention to poison us?" Lan Bai said with a smile, "I will still help you with this poison. Every month I will send someone to deliver the antidote to your school. I promise that it will be delivered before the poison is released. As long as you promise us one thing." "What is it?" "It's no big deal," said Zhong Xun. There should be no leader in Wulin for fifty years. In the past fifty years, sects and gangs in Wulin have been fighting each other. Which day is not a bloody day. If we choose a leader of the martial arts world, we will abandon our sectarianism and maintain the order of the martial arts world together. Then we will live in peace. I believe everyone will be happy to see it. The people at the bottom sniffed at it one after another, and the words were high-sounding, but to put it bluntly, it was not a wolf's ambition to hold the whole Wulin in the palm of his hand. But Xiao Aoyun said, "I agree with the idea of choosing the leader of the Wulin Alliance." Zhong Xun is overjoyed: "Did you promise?" The crowd looked doubtfully at Xiao Aoyun. "But who will be the leader of the martial arts world?" He asked. "Of course," said Zhong An, "I'll be the two heroes of fire and ice." Xiao Aoyun said, "If anyone is recommended here, his reputation in the martial arts world should be higher than yours.". Let's not talk about the Beidou of Mount Tai in Wulin Lin Wu. Elder Geng,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, Elder Bai and Elder Gan are all better than you in martial arts and can convince the public. "Better martial arts?" Blue and white sneered? No matter how high it is, it will fall into our trap. Do as you're told, or you'll have to suffer if the poison breaks out. 。
"You'll know in a minute?" Zhen Meili points to outside: "Go, he does not come, I think they two are really impossible!" Ru Yun nodded. As soon as he arrived at the door of the ward, he saw Ximen Hao standing in front of him. Without looking much, he slanted his head and said, "It seems that he won't come, Yan Qing!" Yan Qing waved and began to talk privately in the past. Huangfu Li Ye has a deep meaning to squint to the side of the reclining Ximen Hao, and then look at Xiao Ruyun, really like a stranger, in the end what makes them hastily separated? I can't find out until now, and I don't know how to find out at all, but I can confirm that they entered the hotel, and I don't know if there is anything, the question is whether they did it or not? If you do the reason for breaking up. No reason, right? Xiao Ruyun told him he didn't like him? A pure and pure girl, if you break up, it's a little too hurtful. I don't know if you've been with big braids for a long time, so I think things are a little humanized. If you were a woman before, you could find the next one, but you've known these people for a long time. Sure enough, those who are close to Zhu are red! Half an hour later, at exactly six o'clock, everyone was waiting outside the operating room. It was very quiet. The doctor should be taking out the fetus, right? They're all nervous. At the same time, a bar was bustling with debauchery. Su Junhong raised his glass and kept bumping into the guests. He drank it again and smiled at the corners of his mouth: "I have heard that Wang Lao has a great reputation. Today I will sacrifice my life to accompany a gentleman!" The old man nodded with satisfaction: "It's only six o'clock. The bar has just opened. We'll get drunk and sign the contract tomorrow." "No problem,Small Dc Gear Motor, come on!" Drink it again and talk happily, but how many people know how tortuous the story behind the smile is? I don't know how long it took for the door of the operating room to open. The nurses pushed the mother and daughter out. The doctor looked at everyone with a smile: "Mother and daughter are safe, but the baby seems to be a little weak and has low immunity. It's better not to blow within three months. It's easy to catch cold. We'll take good care of it!" "Thank you, doctor, thank you!" Yan Qing held the man's hand, then touched Yingzi's face and said, "You are great!" Yan Yingzi could hardly open her eyes and nodded slightly: "I know!" After being sent to the hospital bed, Xiao Ruyun looked at the child in the nurse's hand and said, "Do you need an incubator?" "No,12v High Torque Motor, but these three days must be taken by us, so let's go!" "Trouble!" Standing in the doorway, Ximen Hao opened the door with his own hands and looked at the baby's lips in the nurse's arms, a fleeting moment of envy. Several men sat in the sofa, while several women stood beside the bed to take care of, bless and exhort! "I'm a vagrant now, and I'm just looking for a job after the New Year. During this period, you're all busy. I'll take care of you!" Ru Yun pulled Yan Yingzi's hat and suddenly frowned. When Zhen Meili saw that her friend's expression was not right, she hugged her waist: "What's wrong?" Ru Yun shook her head and said with a smile, "That's coming. My stomach is a little uncomfortable. It's only been three days. I'll hold the baby then." "Remember to drink some brown sugar water!" Yan Qing also took his friend's shoulder to remind him. I know, well, it's getting late, you all go back, Yan Qing, there are four in your family to take care of, beautiful you and Li Ye also go, all go! Hearing that they could go, several men immediately stood up, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Vending Machine Motor, looking like they had long wanted to go. Liu Xiaolong saw that Ximen Hao took the lead in going out without saying goodbye and shook his head helplessly. Hurry up, this is milk powder, four bottles, all written with numbers, remember not to get confused, and remember, don't always wear them around outside, preferably in the office.. Early in the morning, Liu Zhai kept shouting. The woman was already dressed neatly, while the man was carrying two on his back and holding two in his hands. What was more abominable was that his wife had a bag around his neck and was stuffing a bag of diapers into it. His handsome face looked like Bao Gong. Come on, it's all in your mouth! Four red pacifiers were stuffed into the baby's mouth. The pull rings of the pacifiers were all numbers, one, two, three, four. They all began to suck hard, and their eyes moved with their parents. When everything was almost ready, Yan Qing pointed to the door and said, "Let's go!" Liu Xiaolong looked down at the bundle hanging around his neck and gritted his teeth and said, "Take it down and give it to Ah Hao!" "Oh, are you bored? Just carry it and go. I'm going to be late!" Damn, when I got up early in the morning, Aunt Bucktooth was the only servant left. All the others were on annual leave, and my mother-in-law had to come back for more than ten days. It was really terrible. Fortunately, there was a man who could command me. Take it down! A low roar of gnashing teeth. Some female was frightened jump, have no way, sullen face took down bundle to stride to go out, send Ximen Hao in the hand: "This must not be lost, otherwise the children will be hungry!" "You can rest assured that we can buy it immediately if we lose it!" Put it away, turn your head inadvertently, eyes wide open, big. Big Brother.. Why is it so miserable? As the police car left, the man looked down at the pacifier with an expressionless face, took a deep breath and sat in the car, adjusted his posture and said coldly, "Go!" Simon bared his teeth, didn't he? This is to be seen by Lu Tianhao, but also not laugh to death? No, I have to think about how to save my eldest brother's face. Are you going to kill people without seeing it? In the car at the gate of the Wolong Gang, Lu Tianhao carried a good harness, and the child was so safely and steadily carried by his father. The thick blanket covered his little face, with only a few small holes for ventilation. Suddenly, the child hummed discontentedly. The man saw his men coming in and was about to show a wild smile, but found that the corners of his mouth could not laugh for a long time. Without waiting for the child to cry, he put his index finger into the baby's mouth with a black face. Sure enough, he was immediately sucked by the child and stopped crying. Seeing this, Luo Bao shook his head and said, "Elder brother, you can't do it. If you encounter an emergency brake, you will have an accident!" What can I do if he doesn't eat the pacifier? Then let him cry! Pulling back his hand, the surprise was that the baby did not cry, but opened his mouth and yawned, closed his eyes and slept. No matter how he looked, he was different from the boy. His hair seemed to be darker and thicker than the fourth brother of the Liu family: "If you don't touch him, who can see that he is a boy?" "Big brother, the young master must be popular in the mainland when he grows up!" Double eyelids,gear reduction motor, big eyes, this kind of man is very popular, women's favorite.
Szeto Xingyun raised his eyebrows slightly. "Why doesn't Cher draw her face?" Qing Yun glanced at Szeto Xingyun and said lightly, "I haven't found the face that really belongs to her yet." "Oh?"! What does that mean?! Man is a very complicated thing. People can have many faces, but the real face is hard to find even for themselves. What's more, an outsider? Szeto Xingyun's eyes were deep. After thinking for a long time, he looked at Qingyun deeply. "Did Cher find her face?" Qingyun was stunned, and her mind came up with the tranquil life in Juechen Valley, thinking of her smiling at each other with the song of separation, and of the pear blossoms all over the sky. There was a hazy light in her eyes. At that moment, Szeto Xingyun felt that Qingyun was far away from him. It is close at hand, but far away. His heart suddenly tightened and he took her hand. Qing Yun came to his senses, frowned gently, and broke away from his hand. "No," she said lightly. She knew the answer in her heart, but she didn't want to tell him. At this time, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Szeto Xingyun smiled and talked about a topic: "Cher, do you still remember the painting I made for you when I was in Pingyan Wangfu?" “……” Qing Yun opened his mouth and finally closed it. She nodded her head. At that time, although Cher had scars on her face, I still thought she was indescribably beautiful. Cher's eyes are the purest spar in the world, so crystal clear, so. Szeto Xingyun seemed to be trapped in old memories, and a shallow soft light appeared in his eyes. Qing Yun listens to listen to, unexpectedly have a kind of feeling at this time they seem to have returned to the palace of Pingyan, returned to the time when the double butterfly did not enter the door. Suddenly,juice filling machine, an idea floated into my heart, and Qingyun lowered her eyelashes, covering the light in her eyes. These days, Szeto Xingyun seems to be repeating what he did in Pingyan Wangfu. It seemed that he hoped that he could pull her back to the past and regain the heart that had been put down. The light disperses and the cold light floats. Qing Yun sniggered in his heart. She Qingyun is not the Feng Xue of the past, want her to fall in love with him again that is simply a wild night talk! "That's enough." Qing Yun coldly interrupted Szeto Xingyun's memory, "I don't want to mention the past again." Szeto Xingyun's face suddenly became ugly. Then Qing Yun's tone relaxed, "I'm tired and I'm going to rest.". Please help yourself, Xingyun. With that, she bowed to Szeto Xingyun and turned back to her room. The door creaked shut. The heavy sound of closing the door weighed heavily on the hearts of every maid in the snow hall. They glanced at Szeto Xingyun with some fear, and then immediately withdrew their eyes. Whoo. The emperor's face is so ugly! Why does the princess have to go back to her room every time she says something bad? It's always them who suffer. That evening, Szeto Xingyun did not know whether it was because he was sulking or because the court had something urgent, but miraculously he did not stay in the snow hall. Usually Szeto Xingyun stayed until Qingyun went to bed. Qing Yun had dinner with a calm face, water bottle packaging machine ,PET blow moulding machine, a happy and contented expression, no sense of impropriety, but also with relish. This made the ladies around him sweat. Princess, you seem very happy. Qing Yun nodded. Rare dinner tonight, without a burning line of sight, how could she be unhappy? Which chef cooked the food tonight? I must give a good reward. It's so delicious. Tsing Yi has a black line on his face. It was because the emperor was missing tonight that the princess was so happy. It seems that the princess really doesn't love the emperor. The other ladies of the court defended Szeto Xingyun in their hearts. Poor emperor, a deep feeling was ruined by the princess. Alas, it seems that the princess does not love the emperor, but only the prince. Just then, the sound of the eunuch's announcement came from outside the Snow Hall. The Jade Concubine has arrived. The ladies of the court saluted the elegant jade one after another. When Qing Yun saw Yu Wuxian coming, the smile on her lips became more open, and the willow eyebrows were all bent. I haven't seen you for a long time. There was no time to cover his mouth with a light smile, and there was a faint charm of maturity and dignity in every smile. No time. Did you have dinner? "I've lost my appetite recently and I can't eat anything." After a pause, he looked up at Qingyun and said softly, "I haven't seen Qingyun's sister for a long time.". I wanted to come to you these days, but. No time to bite the lip, the fundus has a touch of loneliness and gloom. Qing Yun noticed, blinked her eyes, and understood why her loneliness and gloom came. She got up and pulled Immaculate to sit beside her and joked, "Immaculate is getting more and more beautiful recently.". You see, this hand is as white as congealed fat. It really makes people fondle admiringly. Immaculate face a red, down the eyes, eyebrows are full of the daughter's family shy. Qing Yun smiled, and an idea gradually floated up from the bottom of his heart. No time. Do you know what sister Qingyun likes best? She was stunned, and then she nodded with a smile. "When I left the palace, Ziyi once said that Sister Qingyun's favorite food was millet chicken." "No time really has my heart.". Tomorrow, I'll go to Yuxuan for lunch. Have no time to be pleased, nod, "well.". Tomorrow I will order the chef to make the best chestnut chicken. Yuxuan, sister Qingyun hasn't been here for a long time! "Logically speaking, there should be concubines going to Yuxuan to find you every day!" Once favored, the concubines would curry favor with each other. What's more, there is no time for constant favor now. Uh There is a touch of fatigue in the flawless fundus. The false smiles of the concubines always bothered her. But in the harem, she had to force a smile for the future. I have no time to work hard. Qing Yun touched her head lovingly. No time to smile. The next day, Szeto Xingyun still came to the Snow Hall, and Qing Yun stepped out of the Snow Hall as soon as he saw Szeto Xingyun. Cher, where are you going? Szeto Xingyun still had a smile on his face, and his long and narrow Danfeng eyes were still shining with tenderness,PET blowing machine, as if the awkward conversation had not happened yesterday. Volume 3 True and False Palace Flying Ice-sugar Gourd 2 Qing Yun also rarely did not look indifferent, lips slightly raised to answer: "Go to Yuxuan." After a pause, Qing Yunliu raised her eyebrows lightly. "Do you want to go with Xingyun?" 。
Such a small job, go to the photography department to find someone, he Xiaoran is a little worried, afraid that no one is willing to go, the result is also, she finished the matter, a few people in the room to surf the Internet, play with the camera to play with the camera, no one made a statement, all pretend not to hear. She was so embarrassed that she could only ask again, "Which teacher can go with me?" Chapter 5 The Beginning of a New Life (5) "If you don't go, I'll go." After this question, there was a silence for dozens of seconds. Finally, someone in the corner agreed. He Xiaoran was very happy. When he turned to look, a tall and thin boy stood up and began to tidy up the camera bag on the table. At the same time, he joked, "Beauty doesn't go to work. If you don't go, I'll go." For the first time, she was called a beautiful woman. Although it was a joke, she laughed. The big stone in her heart fell to the ground with a thump. She followed the photographer out of the door of the newspaper office. She quickly asked, "Teacher, what do you call it?" "They are all colleagues, called teachers, my surname is Sui,water filling machine, Sui of Sui and Tang Dynasties, not casually, ha." You can call me brother Sui or Xiao Sui. Photographer said, while leading the way in front, thinking and adding, "My name is Sui Mingwei. When I turn back to hand in the manuscript, the name of the photographer should be clearly written, otherwise the editor can't find the picture and has to call you in the middle of the night." "Oh, I have seen your name in the newspaper." He Xiaoran has nothing to do these days. She turns over the newspaper every day. She knows few colleagues in the newspaper office,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but their names are all familiar. This time she quickly said, "Thank you, brother Sui. I have a small job, and I have to work hard for you." "It's not hard, it's all work. In fact, sitting in the newspaper office is also sitting, and it's good to come out and breathe fresh air." Sui Mingwei took He Xiaoran to find the bus stop and told her where the bus went to the city by the way. When the bus came, he rushed to invest money. You haven't made money yet. You can invite me to take a bus when you make money. He Xiaoran had already found two yuan, but he didn't expect Sui Mingwei to be such a gentleman. Naturally, he hurriedly said that she would come to buy a ticket on the return trip. However, Sui Mingwei did not care about it and laughed it off. When he came back, he was still the first to coin. Sui Mingwei is also very talkative. On the way to the interview, he Xiaoran talked about many interesting things about the newspaper office. "At that time, we were on the night shift, and we went to drink when we were free at night." Sui Mingwei said, "Once I drank a little too much with several friends in the editorial department until it was almost dawn, CSD filling line ,plastic bottle making machine, and someone called us and asked us to go to another venue to continue.". It was a shame that day. Several of us staggered out and took a taxi. In fact, we all went to the same place. When we got on the taxi, we called each other and asked each other to keep up with each other. Don't lose it. Speaking of this, he Xiaoran was already happy. I used to be a photo editor, and there are many such lively things in the middle of the night. I'll tell you more about them when I'm free. Sui Mingwei has been working in the newspaper office for nearly four years. After working as a night photo editor for two years, he returned to work as a reporter. In his words, it was because he went out day and night every day and could not find a partner. In order not to be called a big problem, he changed back to a normal life. Don't you have a girlfriend? He Xiaoran thought about it and said, "Oh, there are many beautiful women in my classmates, but unfortunately they are all out of town, otherwise I can introduce one to you." "I'm just playing with you. This girlfriend depends on fate. When fate comes, you will have it. Your female classmates also help me keep an eye on it. Maybe one day they will come here to work." Sui Mingwei said, "On the other hand, why do you come here to find a job? Generally, people from small places like ours should come to big places like yours to find a job?" "My family there is also fierce competition," he Xiaoran think, in fact, the competition is fierce, she may not be able to find a job, in the final analysis, she is nothing more than to avoid Xiao Shangqi, but this, she will not say to anyone in any case, anyone. " Yes, where everyone is willing to go, it is impossible without competition. Sui Mingwei nodded and did not ask much, and the destination of the two men arrived. The interview went smoothly. After seeing the scene, it was clear that Sui Mingwei could go, but he still accompanied He Xiaoran to find the property and the Commission Management Center. The property management center and the commission management center naturally play football with each other, but when reporters come to the door, no one is willing to be exposed because of such a trivial matter, so they promise to coordinate. When the draft was handed in in the evening, He Xiaoran received another call from the owner, saying that someone had come to dredge the water and cleaned up several nearby wells, and the problem was solved satisfactorily. It's good to be a journalist, especially at this time. He Xiaoran was bored in the evening, so he went to change his QQ signature and wrote a short diary, saying that he met a good colleague in the unit. Sui Mingwei is really a good colleague. She has rich experience in interviews. She can take photos and guide her what questions to ask when she goes to interviews. She wanted to invite him to dinner, but he paid for it. Lunch ate a long-lost McDonald's, for a long time did not eat chicken wings, for a long time did not eat ice cream there, although the thought of returning to invite others, he Xiaoran a little distressed, but this meal, she still ate very happy. That day's manuscript was also published smoothly. The teacher took her less and less times, and the director began to send her some small clues. In the photography department, she was only familiar with Sui Mingwei, so every time she asked him to interview her. Sui Mingwei is really good at taking care of people. He always rushes to pay when he gets on the bus. He takes a taxi with He Xiaoran when he is far away and in a hurry. Two people work. At noon, he always invites He Xiaoran to dinner. This makes he Xiaoran feel particularly embarrassed, can only try to stagger the lunch time to find him to interview. It was not until she got familiar with it later that she heard that Sui Mingwei and anyone who went out to interview were like this that she felt more calm. Everyone in the newspaper office also said that Sui Mingwei's family conditions were particularly good. His father was a cadre in the province, and his mother was doing business. In fact, he was not short of money. He came to the newspaper office to pass the time. He was getting his driver's license,liquid bottle filling machine, and his family had already bought him a BMW three-series car. Sure enough, a few days later, Sui Mingwei really drove a BMW to work. Chapter 6 as you wish (1).
Qiao Jiaohua shook his head and said, "Who can snatch it? There are hundreds of people here. Who can snatch it?" Yang Shichuan nodded and said, "So, Ji Shisheng knows you?" "We have been friends for several years." Yang Shichuan was taken aback and said, "Since he is your friend, why did you suddenly come to me when he was injured? Aren't you afraid that he was killed by Lu Biqi?" "Someone is protecting him," said Zhang Zhichun, who called out to him. "Who?"? Is it Cui Miaomiao? "No, a middle-aged man." "Who is he?" "I don't know, he's very good at martial arts!" Yang Shichuan gave a cry, and then he and Zhang Zhichun, who was "pretty," flicked away. Suddenly he heard a voice like Jiao Lei, which broke through the air and said, "Girl, you want to die." This Jiao drink sound, it is from the mouth of chasing the wind swordsman, Yang Shichuan understand that that block Lv Biqi, must be chasing the wind swordsman. Look around, came to the field, look up, really good, but see the ground, lying on the injured young man in beautiful clothes-Ji Shisheng! "If you dare to cross again, I will kill you!" The Wind Chaser opened Lv Biqi's attack. Wind Chaser finally came to Dahongshan three days later. Besides, Lv Biqi's beautiful pink cheeks suddenly changed after the wind chaser shouted. She smiled coldly and said, "Then you might as well try." As soon as she swung her willow waist,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, she quickly made up for it to the chasing wind. Also when Lv Biqi shot himself, Yang Shichuan couldn't bear it any longer and shouted, "Lv Biqi, I want to kill you." He jumped at Lu Biqi with a bullet and split a palm. Yang Shichuan this suddenly came, not only this chasing wind swordsman was taken aback, that is, Lv Biqi was also startled. Bullet and retreat! Yang Shichuan this palm force hit, only used 60% of the power, palm force came over, such as waves,liquid bottle filling machine, Lv Biqi was not hit, behind her two full of a person holding the tree, bang! Bang twice, and fall down! The Wind Chaser was startled! Yang Shichuan himself could hardly believe in his own power. How could he not be surprised that he could knock down two big trees with 60% of his power? He stood up in horror! Lv Biqi's eyes, turned to Yang Shichuan's face, pink cheeks for a change, she unexpectedly stepped back two steps! Jiao laughed, and she swung her willow waist. It was really charming and fascinating. She laughed and said, "Yang Shichuan, I didn't expect us to meet here again. It's really rare.". Yang Shichuan woke up with a start from his panic. At that moment, Yang Shichuan's eyes fell on his beautiful pink cheeks. His face changed and he shouted, "Lv Biqi, I want to kill you." Lu Biqi gave a coquettish laugh and said in a trembling voice, "Oh, what on earth is it for?"? Are you going to kill me? As soon as Yang Shichuan started to kill, he bit his steel teeth and shouted, "Why did you kill people?"? "This is my business!" "It's your business, and it's my business to kill you!" As soon as he stood in front of Lv Biqi, PET bottle Mold ,water filling machine, Lv Biqi looked at Yang Shichuan's face mask and unexpectedly stepped back two steps. "Can you do it?" She said, swinging her hips with an intoxicating look. Yang Shichuan laughed and said, "I don't care if you kill others, but you want to kill Ji Shisheng.". I can't keep you. "What does he have to do with you?" "What do you care?" "Can Yang Shichuan control what I do?" Yang Shichuan was furious. "I'll kill you first," he shouted. As soon as the word fell, his body sprang out like lightning. The bullet made the wind-chasing swordsman standing on one side startled. "How could he have such martial arts?" He asked in his heart. In the mind of the Wind Chaser, he took out a "yuan Sheng Dan" and gave it to "Qiao Jiao Hua", saying, "Beggar, save him!" Not to mention that Qiao Jiaohua took over the "yuansheng Dan" to save Ji Shisheng, but also said that Yang Shichuan threw himself into the body, not only fast, but also mysterious! Lv Biqi also estimated not to see a few days, Yang Shichuan skill unexpectedly so fast, the moment a shout, silver Xiao suddenly hit out. Although Lv Biqi shot fast, Yang Shichuan's skill, I do not know how many times higher than the day Biqi, in Lv Biqi silver Xiao Fu since the withdrawal, Yang Shichuan's second palm has been attacked. This skill is so fast that even the generation of strange people standing on one side, the Wind Chaser, can't see it clearly. At that moment, he sighed: "Song Qingshan's skill in those days was just so so!" Besides, Yang Shichuan hit this palm, not to mention that Lv Biqi could not flash, even if he was chasing the wind, he was confident that he could not escape Yang Shichuan's palm! A close call Yang Shichuan unexpectedly knocked out the palm force, took back, this sudden move, is really surprising! If Yang Shichuan does not stop, Lv Biqi is bound to die. Why did he suddenly stop? After Yang Shichuan withdrew his right palm, he retreated and shouted, "Lu Biqi, get out of here." Lu Biqi did not know that Yang Shichuan had shown mercy, in fact, why Yang Shichuan would suddenly stop, I am afraid even he did not know. Because at that critical moment, in his mind, suddenly over the day Biqi told him that sentence: "When a girl gave you her life happiness, don't you feel valuable?" So he closed his hands. In any case, Lv Biqi eventually dedicated the girl's virginity to him, for this reason, he could not lay hands on her, he forgave her once. Lu Biqi didn't know whether she was alive or dead. "Why don't you do it, Yang Shichuan?" She said with a sneer. When Yang Shichuan saw Lv Biqi gently shaking her willow waist and walking slowly, he shouted angrily, "Lv Biqi, won't you go?" "I won't leave until you die." Yang Shichuan laughed wildly, gritted his teeth and shouted, "In that case, don't blame me for showing no mercy!" "Oh, who wants you to show mercy?" Yang Shichuan wiped the killing machine on his face again and said, "Try to go further!" Lu Biqi smiled coldly and said, "Don't say one step, just a hundred steps or a thousand steps. I have to go, too." As soon as the words fell, she raised her right foot and took a step forward. Lv Biqi footsteps together, Yang Shichuan shouted: "You want to die-" footsteps a mistake, two palms have been attacked! As soon as Yang Shichuan made a move,bottle blowing machine, how fast it was, Lv Biqi was already aware of it. At that moment, she made a mistake and dodged Yang Shichuan's two palms. She made a move to "attach herself to the wind and follow the shadow" and deceived herself. Silver Xiao handed it out with a backhand.
If someone stabs the sword across the carriage, they don't know. So, Ruoyin got out of the carriage directly. When she got out of the carriage, she was still holding a soft plastic bottle with a thick arm from the drawer of the carriage. Its structure is similar to a watermelon frost bottle, a squeeze can spray a lot of powder, the range is much farther than watermelon frost. It's filled with her own poison. It can not only blind the enemy's eyes, but also disturb people's minds, so that they do not distinguish between the enemy and ourselves. A few years ago, she and the fourth Master also met a man in black. She brought too little that time. Later, whenever she went out, she would have a small bottle on her body. And in the carriage, there will be a large amount of bottles. At this moment, she said to Rushuang Ruxia, "Rushuang Ruxia, cover your nose." With these words, she raised the soft plastic bottle in her hand and squeezed it vigorously at the men in black. Chapter 917 of the main text asks the fourth master to come out and talk. "Poof!" High pressure makes a sound similar to farting. Suddenly, several men in black were blindfolded and shouted, "What the hell is this? Why can't I see?" A few others gradually pointed their swords at one of their own. Although the poison of Ruoyin works. But she can't take care of twenty or so men in black all at once. So, only about half of the men in black were poisoned. As for the other half of the men in black, seeing that the situation was not right,Edible oil filling machine, they no longer attacked like rosy clouds and frost, but retreated and carried out defensive avoidance. One of them was probably the ringleader, and he immediately noticed something was wrong. Pointing at Ruoyin, he shouted, "Everyone, be careful to dodge and knock down the things in that woman's hand first!" As soon as the voice fell, those people took the initiative to attack Ruoyin while avoiding the attack of rosy clouds and frost. Because they have their faces and noses covered. Now,water bottling line, after raising their vigilance, it is very difficult for Ruoyin to squeeze poisonous powder on them. In addition, such as rosy clouds and frost, they also have to cover their noses, which reduces their fighting ability. At the same time, Ruoyin also wants to prevent them from being hurt by mistake. Gradually, she was surrounded by three men in black. Ruoyin kept turning in the middle, pointing the mouth of the bottle at them. Suddenly, a man in black came to the right rear. The man charged from a distance, and when he approached, he jumped up and kicked Ruoyin. Seeing this, Ruoyin immediately sprayed a large amount of poisonous powder at the man in black. However, she has long been surrounded by men in black. Even if you can avoid this one, there will be another one. At this moment, Vegetable oil filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, the man in black on the left front raised his foot and kicked Ruoyin's arm vigorously. The sudden force made Ruoyin's arm hurt for a while. The soft plastic bottle fell to the ground with a bang. Ruoyin had no time to pick up the bottle on the ground, and his shoulder was kicked twice by the man in black. Those people are all martial arts practitioners, and one kick is enough for her. With two feet down, the bottom of the flowerpot at Ruoyin's feet was unstable, and his body fell straight back. Ignoring the pain, she sat up with difficulty, propping herself up on her elbows, trying to stand up. However, without waiting for her to stand up, the man in black surrounded her from a commanding position. They stared at her viciously with their hostile eyes. He gnashed his teeth and said cruel words. Hey hey, call you just fierce, holding a broken thing, hurt a lot of our brothers. "Yes, she just sprinkled powder on me several times." "Don't say it quickly. Several of our brothers stabbed me with swords as if they had lost their minds." At this moment, Ruoyin looked at the people in black with angry eyes, holding their elbows and retreating step by step. At the same time, not far away, such as frost and rosy clouds, has already lost much physical strength. Rufang was knocked down and spat blood. Ruxia's clothes were scraped several times, and blood flowed. And the men in black in front of Ruoyin gathered more and more, all around her. One of the men in black, holding the soft plastic bottle that Ruoyin had dropped on the ground, squatted in front of Ruoyin. Under the black mask, a pair of scarlet eyes were looking at her angrily. The rest of the people called him "boss". He chuckled at Ruoyin and said in a thick voice, "I thought it was a simple job. I never thought you would kill many of my brothers. You said..". What should I do? ?” In the face of a ferocious man in black, Ruoyin's heart is nervous. But she was still strong and calm and said, "It's no use killing me. I told the slaves what I knew earlier. They must be on their way back to yuanmingyuan. So I advise you not to waste your time." "So?" The leader of the man in black asked lightly. Ruoyin looked directly at him and said confidently, "You'd better let me go. Maybe there is still room for negotiation.". Otherwise, there is certainly no room for manoeuvre in this matter. "If you say so, we'll have to tie you up and ask the fourth Master out to talk?" "Something like that." Ruoyin glanced at Ruxia and Rushuang, who were seriously injured in the distance. "And my two slaves, they have to be with me." Although in the eyes of outsiders, such as rosy clouds and frost are just slaves. But, like that crisis moment just now. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the man in black was coming for her. If they had left her, they wouldn't have been hurt so badly. Therefore, for Ruoyin, they are loyal bodyguards, just like family members. However, the leader of the man in black laughed, as if he had heard an incredible joke. "Am I really scared when I think of your grandfather?" He asked. Ruoyin: ".." When you were at the winery, you slipped out the back door in a hurry. Our brothers have been chasing us all the way here. Since you said you told the slave in advance, the slave will do it for you. Then why did you take a shortcut? Why did you drive the carriage so fast? As he spoke, he said, "Besides, if you don't tell the Fourth Master about such an important matter in person and let the slave say it,juice filling machine, how can I feel that it's not credible?" "Believe it or not, don't blame me for not warning you!" Even though she was scared to death, she held her chin high and said it as if it were true. Bah! I really don't believe it today! The leader of the men in black spat.
"In fact, the Du Peng family has always regarded face as too important, and neglected one of the most critical points.". After all, China is not a capitalist country like the West, so I think it is very difficult for us to develop our own forces there. It is for this reason that we should use legal means to solve this problem. Although it is a disgrace to the Du Peng family, this is the fastest and fastest way. And we can also use the relationship of the French government to put pressure on the Chinese government, so it will be easier to ask Tianlong Group for the 500 billion yuan. After saying that, the middle-aged man took a meaningful look at Kela. Suddenly, Kela fiercely patted the table in front of him, and then shouted excitedly: "Yes!"! How could I forget that. We originally signed a loan treaty with Tianlong Group. As long as we submit that treaty to China through the French government, I believe we will have an answer soon. And now that it's time for our Du Peng family to die, there's no need to worry about face. As long as we can get through this difficulty smoothly, we will still be the largest family in Europe, and no one dares to look down on us. Kela, who had figured out the cause and effect of the matter, was very excited. He patted the middle-aged man on the shoulder happily, and then patted him to contact the French government. The Du Peng family is indeed the largest family in Europe. In just a few hours, the French government agreed to send people to China to help them recover the 500 billion euros in the name of the government. After that, the middle-aged man was immediately promoted to be his deputy and gave him special advice. The efficiency of the French government was really fast. The next day, another special group arrived in China and submitted an application to the Chinese government for the return of the arrears. As ordinary business issues have suddenly been elevated to inter-state issues, this has also attracted great attention from the Chinese government. The Chinese government immediately launched an investigation into Tianlong Group, but in one day,ultrasonic dispersion machine, a lot of evidence was on the desk of investigators. In any case, the result of the evidence shows that Tianlong Group did borrow 500 billion yuan from Du Peng's family and had no intention of returning it. Because it is a problem between countries, the Chinese government has to put aside the protection of Tianlong Group, which ranks among the top in China, and has to deal with the matter impartially. Soon, the government's documents were immediately issued to B city, and the huge machine of the country began to operate at full capacity. When Xiao Zihao was discussing with his chief female adviser in the office how to deal with the revenge of Du Peng's family afterwards, suddenly the door of the office was opened and the special personnel of several countries came in directly. Xiao Zihao, who knew nothing about it, was just about to get angry when a document with the seal of the government appeared in front of him. He suddenly felt a chill in his heart, and then carefully took the document. When he saw the contents of the document clearly, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic metal welding, he immediately collapsed on the seat with an ashen face and murmured, "It's over, it's all over.". The Tianlong Group is gone, and even the Xiao family has been destroyed by me. And that female consultant at this time hurriedly took the document from Xiao Zihao's hand with trembling hands, she just read the first few lines of words, the whole person sat directly on the ground. She knew that because of her self-confidence, the rest of her life was ruined by her own hands. Tianlong Group is over, so Shenlong Group will never let go of those who used to be Xiao Zihao's confidant, and she happens to be one of them. From now on, she may not be born into those big companies all her life, and she is doomed to spend her life like an ordinary person. Those government officials did not pay attention to Xiao Zihao's current situation, and directly said in a voice without any emotion: "I think Chairman Xiao has read this document, so please cooperate with our next work. I don't want to use coercive methods to solve it. It's not good for either of us. I hope you can understand." Xiao Zihao nodded his head crazily and then said feebly, "You can do whatever you want!"! I don't care. Just please leave my people alone. ” "Well, since Chairman Xiao is so cooperative with our work, we can rest assured.". If there are no special circumstances, we will not go to Tianlong Villa, which you do not have to worry about. Then we will deal with the work at hand first, and ask Chairman Xiao to order your subordinates to cooperate. After the special agent finished speaking, he took a group of his men to various departments of Tianlong Group, while Xiao Zihao spent all his energy and fainted directly on the seat. With the cooperation of Xiao Zihao, the mission of those special personnel can be said to be very smooth. The accounts of the entire Tianlong Group, whether in the open or in the dark, immediately appeared in front of the special personnel. They immediately froze those accounts, and then pooled all the funds together to make a total of 300 billion euros. The remaining funding gap of 200 billion euros has directly sealed up the companies owned by Tianlong Group, waiting for the auction to raise funds. The government's move immediately made all the people who were originally optimistic about the Dragon Group at a loss. They thought they could drink some soup behind the Dragon Group, but they didn't know that the Dragon Group was over for no reason, and they would become the number one enemy of the Shenlong Group. Faced with the impressive Shenlong Group, which can fight with Tianlong Group, those large companies are better, and there is still a little room to save, while those small and medium-sized companies are all dumbfounded. They had hoped to take advantage of the chaos to make a small profit, but they did not know that this change had cost them themselves. Some clever, directly using the method of strong men breaking their wrists, sent all the things they had eaten back to the Dragon Group intact, in order to seek their understanding. And those who do not have a long head, they want to fight to the end,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, but the result belongs to them is only one, that is, destruction.
Despite the unusual and obvious relationship between Linzhou and Linzhou, all kinds of obscure evidence also point to their close relationship. Despite the divergent opinions of the audience and the media, they have made great efforts to analyze their eyes, words and actions outside the play with all kinds of popular and unpopular knowledge, over-interpreting small details like Chinese reading comprehension, and they have never admitted their love. The paparazzi have been following him for several years, but they have never been able to find a piece of irrefutable evidence. This past has always been an unofficial history that is difficult to distinguish between true and false. With such a high starting point as The End of the Road, Lin Zongheng and Zhou Wei have had a smooth ride in the entertainment circle. All of the following films are from the hands of famous directors. They have gained both fame and fortune, and have good word-of-mouth and box office. Among the actors of the same generation, they are far ahead of their rivals. It is a pity that the entertainment circle is a colorful and bizarre magic box, a "road" tied the hearts of the audience, but can not tie the two eagles flying straight into the sky, with their respective development, Linzhou two people completely lost interaction. This pair of people who were blessed by the public and brought together by the whole society eventually became strangers. This has strengthened the belief that two people were lovers, if not lovers, what is the reason for such two people to avoid,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, or even talk about each other are not willing. Apart from the parties, those who refuse to admit this past are probably the only fans of both sides. As we all know, Lin Zongheng's fans and Zhouwei's fans are almost incompatible. Eight years have passed since their last public interaction. In the past eight years, the only thing that gives people hope is that Lin Zongheng has set up his own company: Zongsuozhou Zhi. There is no doubt that "vertical" is Lin Zongheng, but this "state". The reporters and the audience all went crazy, and the rumor that the "state" was surrounded by the state was rampant. Lin Zongheng did not respond. Zhou Wei disappeared for several days,ultrasonic generator driver, but finally she could not hide. At the press conference of her new film, she was criticized by the media. After many years, she finally responded to the topic related to Lin Zongheng again, but only three cold words: "It's not me." Except for this, she pursed her lips and refused to say a word more. After Zhou Wei denied it, Lin Zongheng also relented. In front of the camera, the corner of his mouth turned up without any temperature, and his face was full of impatience: "She said no, why did you come to ask me?" So this time, although the seats of the two people are separated by a light bulb with a thousand knives, it is the closest distance between the two people in the spotlight over the years. For the CP fans who are so miserable that they can only eat knives as candy, it is enough to cry with joy. However, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Zhou Wei, the leading actress at the center of public opinion, did not get the news until she was on her way to the film festival. At that time, she had not slept for more than 50 hours because of filming, and her whole body function was almost up to the point of downtime. How could she waste the rest time on the way? As soon as she got on the bus, she leaned back and closed her eyes. Although her eyes were closed, she could still feel the inquisitive and curious eyes of the new assistant beside her wandering around her body. The little girl had just graduated from college, and her face was full of round radians. She was very silly. She was surrounded by the state the next day. Zhou Wei spent some time to recall what her name was. She turned her needle-sharp head several times and finally remembered that her name was Oda. The next moment, she heard Oda ask her other assistant in the front passenger seat in a low voice: "Handsome boy, did Zhou Wei really spend time with Lin Zongheng?" Shuai Shuai is the first assistant after Zhou Wei entered the circle, and has been following him until now. He knows the history of Zhou Wei's entertainment industry over the years like the palm of his hand. Handsome guy? Why add the word "handsome"? Is it not good to call it "handsome" directly? She saves trouble, he is comfortable, win-win. Shuai Shuai had not yet spoken, but Zhou Wei took the lead in opening her mouth. She did not open her eyes because she was tired and her voice was light: "Why don't you just ask me?" Chapter 2 Oda was lying on the back of the co-driver's seat with Shuai Shuai to inquire about the news. He was startled by the interruption of Zhou Wei. He hurriedly looked back at her: "Sister, didn't you fall asleep?" It took a long time for Zhou Wei to give a perfunctory "um", and then he changed his face in a different direction, without the following. Although the former said why not ask her directly, in fact, she did not show that she would satisfy the curiosity and curiosity of the new assistant, that sentence is more like expressing the dissatisfaction of "you disturb my sleep". When the car quieted down, Shuai Shuai turned around and made a "shush" gesture on his lips with his index finger to signal Oda not to speak any more to make the ancestor unhappy. The state is not difficult to get along with, even if the cause to the point of the sun will not be arrogant to treat others, but her character is absolutely not approachable, plus is a workaholic who hardly gives himself breathing space, even with an assistant is busy as a dog, these years Shuai Shuai was tortured by the state to even have no time to make a partner, the state is still so beautiful. But his good young man was wasted into a single middle-aged man. Seeing that Shuai Shuai could not cope with it alone, Zhou Wei decided to recruit another assistant to share Shuai Shuai's work. Unexpectedly, the other assistant had been recruited for more than a year. People came and went for several times, but none of them could stay. Oda nodded knowingly with a lingering fear. Zhouwei is very beautiful. Although there are beautiful women everywhere in the entertainment circle, Zhouwei is still a very special one. It seems out of place among the female stars who are popular in both directions. In the past, Oda had thought that the image of the iceberg beauty might be just a person who came out. It was not until close contact that he found that Zhouwei was only more silent than the image on the screen in private. Her aura is not aggressive, only revealed in the light of the clouds, but it makes people surrender for no reason. The car drove steadily for a long time, and Zhou Wei, who seemed to be sleeping soundly, spoke again: "Why did you suddenly ask him?" "Why did you suddenly ask Lin Zongheng?" Oda was stunned for a second or two,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but the state could not wait. She opened a pair of beautiful eyes full of tiredness and asked again. Unlike the previous use of "he", this time she named him directly. Because you and Mr. Lin are only one person away from each other in this film festival. The Internet is fried. Hearing this, Zhou Wei frowned and looked suspiciously at Shuai Shuai.
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