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TingCui Oct 26 '22
Watching Yueyue riding back to the hill, my mother went straight to a slope in Hetao. When she found a familiar grave on the slope, she lay down, covered her mouth and cried. Since Gu Shuping and Sparks kidnapped Yueyue in the courtyard of Dongyakou thatched cottage, Maizi has fallen into a feeling of guilt and melancholy. He really didn't know that Yueyue had such deep feelings for himself. He had never experienced such a feeling of being loved. The important thing was that he had exposed Yueyue's infidelity to the Lin family in front of her mother-in-law. The important thing was that Yueyue's exposure was likely to affect Xiaoqing's feelings for himself. The next day at work, the buyer went straight to the clinic. As soon as the buyer entered the clinic, Xiaoqing put down the steamer and ran over to kiss the buyer. Xiaoqing's action made the buyer feel a little more secure-Xiaoqing did not change his attitude towards himself, but this does not prove that nothing happened when Yueyue went back last night. The buyer said, Xiaoqing, I want to tell you something, which must be known to you. The buyer did not know how to tell Xiaoqing about his past with Yueyue, which seemed to be a very difficult thing to say, but he especially wanted to say it and let Xiaoqing know, of course, not very deeply, not to say that they had already had it. Xiaoqing blocked the buyer's mouth with his mouth and did not let him speak. After a while, Xiaoqing left the buyer. Xiaoqing said, "You don't have to say anything. I know my sister-in-law fell in love with you. It's not important to me. I knew she fell in love with you long ago.". As soon as the buyer's heart moved, did you know? Xiaoqing said, of course, the buyer looked at this strange woman, wanted to ask, but felt unnecessary, and tried to tell what he wanted to tell, he said, she is like my sister, she has always been like my sister,Fiberglass tape measure, yesterday afternoon, she went to me, in fact, is to know about us, is to go.. Your mother just.. Maizi felt that there was a force in his heart against what he said, but without waiting for him to finish, Xiaoqing quickly stopped him, "Cheng Maizi, I don't want to know who my future husband is with. I hope you can understand me.". The buyer stopped talking and went straight to the subject. Xiaoqing, what if your family didn't take Yueyue? Xiaoqing didn't want to let the buyer know that Yueyue loved him. Xiaoqing deliberately said, "Don't be so stingy with our Lin family. My father and my brother don't know anything at all.". Let's talk about us first. My dad said he would get engaged to us in half a month. The buyer finally felt relieved, but when he heard that he was really engaged to Xiaoqing, a new relationship made him feel a little sad. Life is so incredible, he is sorry for the month, Horse weight lbs ,Wheel tape measure, and the national army, but they want to be his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, he really does not know how to face in the future-to face with a good conscience. The inside story of the matter was finally as Xiaoqing wished, and no one knew it, just like digging a deep hole in the grass and covering it with grass, which looked intact. In late autumn, the mountains and fields of Xiema Villa are filled with the fragrance of ripe rice grains. The leaves of corn, rice, soybeans, three-pod vegetables and grass are nearly withered and yellow day by day. It seems that the fragrance is a flammable gas, which burns into a fire through the caress of autumn wind and burns the crops. In late autumn, Xiema Villa has an imperceptible thought. The stone canopy of sister-in-law is exposed in the withered crop leaves day by day, like a jagged old man bowing his back to show the year and the moon. This is already a season waiting for harvest, and the tranquility on the surface of the village street actually contains the rush of sharpening knives in the courtyard. However, it is this season, late autumn, that Gu originally organized people and horses on the sand and began deep ploughing and fertilization only in spring. Guben's deep plowing is the same as the mountain villa's spring plowing, but the depth of plowing is quite different. Spring plowing only uses a plow to open less than one foot along the middle of the ridge, while Guben's deep plowing is to dig all the ground two feet deep, and then prepare a ridge on the two feet deep soil to press alkali mud to fertilize. It has not happened for many years to pull alkali mud from the seaside of Xiema Town. The convenience and simplicity of using chemical fertilizer make the families who work outside never pay attention to improving the soil. Gu originally hired five cars and more than a dozen men and women from Qianchuan and Houchuan. In ancient times, the wages of hired workers were ten catties of apples a day, with extra money for chariots and horses. The temptation to get ten catties of apples that day made many women with children temporarily give up their preparations for the autumn harvest and join the ranks of hired workers. Originally, there was no limit to the number of people, the more the better, and no one knew what plants he wanted to plant. Five days later, when a piece of sandy land was completely turned over and covered with alkaline mud, Gu originally pulled back a car of film and a bag of grass seeds from the town, so people finally knew that the purpose of Gu originally renting the sandy land was to plant a crop of medicinal materials before freezing. When people rubbed the grass seeds with their hands and planted them carefully, they could not recognize what medicinal materials they were. Later, an old man in Maechuan curiously went to the field to inquire. I finally knew it was Ganoderma lucidum. Changing sweet potato to Ganoderma lucidum grass was originally inspired by the town's diversified economy office. On the day when the sand was covered with plastic film, Tang Yigui, the old village head of the mountain villa and a hard-core poor peasant with a bent back, came to the sandy land for a walk. When he reached the side of the land, he first squatted down and smelled the blackened sand. Then he looked at the ancient origin of commanding the hired workers by the dam like a monster. There was a kind of old and difficult to catch in his eyes. No one could tell what he was thinking as he approached the sand and the busy hired hands, and he moved before people's eyes with a bent waist like a wooden plow in the afternoon. Some fast-talking women saw Tang Yigui walking clumsily in the field, screaming that the old man was also greedy for apples, "Do you still have teeth?"? Tang Yigui listened to his teasing words with some anger in his heart, but his old face could not accurately express his feelings. He only moved his lips a few times, as if to say something, and then dragged his old legs all the way to the village plow. In the village office, Tang Yigui saw the buyer, his hands dancing in the air, and his mouth stammered, "Did you see that?"? What did the buyer say? Tang Yigui said,fish measuring tape, "You little bastard, you have a good time and you can wait.". The buyer could not understand Tang Yigui's words, so he thought it was a prophecy to himself and asked him to sit down with a smile. But Tang Yigui did not sit down and turned around several times on the ground like a snail and walked out. No one could believe that Tang Yigui's inexplicable appearance this time was a farewell to his fellow villagers. tapemeasure.net