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TingCui Oct 26 '22
At the door, Mofei leaned against the front of the car, and with a light sound at the door, he saw Su Xiang come out. He stood up straight and said, "Your phone is off. I think you should be here." Three years ago, when the video was released, he was by her side. At this time, he did not know what he could do for her, so he wanted to see if she was in good condition. Su Xiang forced a smile: "Don't worry, I'm all right." She is not the fragile Su Xiang of three years ago. Mo Feitong looked at her face carefully and nodded: "That's good." The cold wind outside was cold, and they stood speechless. Mofei raised his hand and patted her on the shoulder and said, "No matter when, remember what I said.". I'm your brother. Let me know if you need me. Su Xiang pursed her lips and smiled. Mo Fei took a deep look at her, turned around and opened the car door and sat on it. He came, as if only to say so, and then drove away. Su Xiang looked at the bright headlights through the darkness, gradually away, the heart filled with a little warmth. Turn around and walk into the house. Mo Feitong looked at the slender figure standing in the doorway from the rearview mirror and watched it all the time. Not wanting her to catch a cold, he accelerated the car, and at the thought of the video,american hot tub, his fingers clenched the steering wheel and his veins bulged. Why hurt a woman who just wants to live a good life again and again! His face was gloomy, and if he caught the man who released the video, he would kill him! Cars came and went on the road. Suddenly, a familiar shadow of a car passed in front of my eyes. Could it be that when I recovered my mind, the shadow of the car had already passed by. The speed of the car was very fast, as if something had happened. Mo Feitong only had time to confirm in the rearview mirror, and immediately reversed the steering wheel and followed him. After Pei Xian left 1988, Fu Hanchuan continued to sit for a while,endless swimming pool, and received an unexpected phone call halfway, which was to go to an appointment. As soon as the road around the lake changed its daytime liveliness, the street lights were on quietly and extended to the distance, like a pearl necklace around Beicheng Lake. The lakeside wind is stronger and colder than the city center, and the sound of the surging tide can be heard in the distance. The man stood on the side of the car, with a cigarette between his lips, slowly puffing, as if waiting for someone. After a while, another car came, and the shining headlights were dazzling. The man narrowed his eyes and listened to the sound of the car door opening and closing. A tall man came against the light. There was a monotonous clatter on the road. As the distance approached, the outline of his face gradually became clear. Qi Lingyang dropped the cigarette butt in his hand and looked coldly at Fu Hanchuan, who stood three steps away from him. When the night wind blows, the hair is turned up and the corner of the clothes hanging on the leg is slightly brushed. The two men stood face to face, looking at each other with a haughty look, endless swim spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, another surge of air. Fu Hanchuan looked lightly into the middle of the lake and opened his thin lips: "Is there no place to meet in such a place?" Qi Lingyang said in a cold voice, "Because the conversation between you and me tonight can't be heard by other people." "Do you understand what I mean?" Fu Hanchuan's thin lips pursed into a line, and his expression became colder. Qi Lingyang stepped forward, grabbed his collar and gritted his teeth. "If it weren't for you, I could have announced my marriage to her, and she wouldn't have to suffer like this!" As soon as he changed the appearance of Wen Rungui's son, Qi Lingyang was full of anger, and the muscles at the root of his teeth shook slightly. I want you to dissolve your marriage with her immediately! Cold stars twinkled in Fu Hanchuan's eyes. He looked straight at Qi Lingyang. He brushed him away and said in a cold voice, "Why?" "What qualifications do you have to ask me to do so?" Qi Lingyang stared at him angrily and said, "Fu Hanchuan, you got what you want, and now you still want to keep her. Don't you think you are mean and shameless?" The identity of the heir of the Fu family, he has given him, the Tang Dynasty also handed over, he did not obey the rules, with despicable means to remarry with Su Xiang, he refused to let go! Fu Hanchuan's teeth root bit, eyes flashed gloomy, who wants him to let! He sneered and said, "Dissolve the marriage with Su Xiang so that you can take the opportunity to marry her?" "Qi Lingyang, I can't help suspecting that you made that video." With your means, very much like your style. ” "On the surface, he is a modest gentleman, but behind his back, he is a mean person." With a bang, Qi Lingyang shook his fist and grabbed Fu Hanchuan by the collar and punched him twice: "Bastard, besides hurting her, are you shirking your responsibility?" "How did that happen? Do I need to remind you again?" Fu Hanchuan deliberately angered Qi Lingyang and ate the pain of that fist, so that he could feel a little better in his heart. It all started with Lady Zoya. He's her son. He is Su Xiang's husband, but let her bear this pain. The pain in his jaw was intense, his head was dizzy from the blows, and when he looked up at the sky, even the moon in the sky was blurred. Fu Hanchuan gathered some strength and pushed Qi Lingyang away. He caught his breath and said angrily, "Have you had enough?" "If you hadn't shown up, none of this would have happened!" Pointing to Qi Lingyang's nose, he said, "You approach her with evil intentions and use her. What qualifications do you have to blame her?" "The root of all this lies in you!" Qi Lingyang sneered: "Fu Hanchuan, what do you think of yourself?"? What do you take her for? "For three years, she was by your side all the time. If you cared about her, would you treat her like that?" “……” "No!"! You treat her like a disgrace! “……” If you had been sincere to her and cared about her, would you have let her endure those grievances? Will it give others a chance? “……” "You just regard her as your private property. What you can't stand is that others take a fancy to her!" “……” Fu Hanchuan was calm and heavy, his eyes flashed with fire, and when he arrived at Qi Lingyang's facade, his fists creaked. The wind was a little stronger, and the sound of the lake was louder,best whirlpool tub, and it went up and back, just like the anger in his heart. Angry at others, but also angry at themselves.