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TingCui Oct 26 '22
Song Hongmei heart dark surprised, really can not see ah, her mother-in-law Li Xihong looked honest, but also so weak people, unexpectedly can do this kind of immoral thing for children ah. No wonder Zhang Ning is so capable and good-looking. The strange way is that the bamboo shoots are good. It turns out that the dragon gives birth to the dragon and the phoenix gives birth to the phoenix. Song Hongmei's heart was very entangled for a moment, and she felt very excited. Anko, do you know what I just heard in Mom and Dad's room? "What is it?" Zhang An yawned and fell on the bed, squinting. Song Hongmei went over, "Zhang Ning is not the child of his parents, but the child who was replaced by his mother.". At the beginning, my mother saw that the family was rich, so she changed it. He is still a high official in the army. Your sister is going to enjoy a happy life. "What?!" Zhang Anmeng sat up and stared round at his daughter-in-law. "You're not coaxing me, are you?" Why am I coaxing you? I was scared just now. You said that our mother was so cruel that she could exchange the child. But it's not a loss to live a good life in others. It turned out that my mother wouldn't let Zhang Ning go, not because she couldn't bear to part with her,indoor endless pool, but because your sister's family was also an official in B city, and she was worried that she would recognize her when she met her. Darling, can my mother do this? So my sister lives in a big city, and her parents are still officials? "Yes?" Song Hongmei became excited. I used to think Zhang Ning was rich, but now compared with your sister, it's really nothing. Although this business makes money,whirlpool hot tub spa, who knows how the national policy will change. If she is suddenly not allowed to do business, she is a capitalist roader and will break the law. Your sister is different. She is an official in B city. How big an official she is. If you can help us, to arrange a formal job, but we also settled down in the city, you say how good our life will be. The more Song Hongmei said, the clearer the idea in her heart became. If the beginning is panic and surprise, now slowly think through the benefits, there is only surprise. Who knew that the poor people could be relatives with high officials before. It's all right now. When her mother-in-law changed, the high officials in the capital were relatives of their family. Zhang An was also moved. After thinking for a while, he suddenly said with a straight face, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "No, if someone knows about it, can they still tolerate my sister?"? Zhang Ning still treats us as enemies now. When the time comes, people will pursue the matter of changing children in our family. Aren't they all in trouble? He's not stupid. He knows it as soon as he thinks about it. He can't recognize his relatives. Song Hongmei rolled her eyes and patted him on the arm. "Say you're stupid and you don't recognize it.". We are not going to tell people that they have changed their children. We just tell your sister and just recognize her. When the time comes, we don't say anything to the outside world. Who can know about this. And the parents of that family are old and will not live long. When she's gone, won't it be possible to recognize your sister openly? "This.." When I think about it, it's true. Zhang An's face slowly showed a clear smile, and Song Hongmei hugged and kissed fiercely, "good daughter-in-law, you are really smart ah.". You can think of any way. Song Hongmei smirked and said, "Yes, I am also thinking about our family." "Then we have to tell our parents about it, or we won't be able to find her." Song Hongmei raised her eyebrows. "What are you looking for? My parents just don't want to look for that girl at all. They are worried about being discovered.". They are old and timid. Let's do it. She didn't want so many things to be ruined by two old people in the family. Tomorrow I will go to the hospital to find someone to find out who gave birth to a child at the beginning. I have an aunt in the hospital canteen. When the time comes, I will help find acquaintances to check. We will follow the clues. I don't believe we can't find anyone. At this time, the Song family side, Zhang Ning has been arranging to leave the day after tomorrow. The work in the factory has been arranged, and her first task now is to go back and arrange the follow-up matters. But also to go back to test the attitude of Shu Jing here, if Shu Jing can not provide help, she will use the second plan. Of course, if Shu Jing can help, she can just give good taste a major transformation. After all, the food factory is not a permanent sustainable development enterprise. Song Chunlan went this time, and she was not going to take anything with her. Bed sheets, bedding and daily necessities are all available at home over there. As for clothes and shoes, these things have to be purchased separately. Do not say to compare what, at least can not let Song Chunlan stand in a group of young girls, it seems too old-fashioned. So after only a while, Song Chunlan's things were all packed up. With only a few books and some happy clothes inside. Sister-in-law, are you really going outside? I feel a little like a dream. Zhang Ning said with a smile, "Only when people have dreams can they have hope.". But when you go there, you must hold your heart. There are too many temptations out there. You've been in the village all the time. You haven't seen those things. It's easy to get lost. "Sister-in-law, what you said is really scary. How could I lose myself?" Song Chunlan felt that everything outside was beautiful and could not be so terrible. Zhang Ning shook his head. "If you can keep your heart, everything is good. If you can't keep it, it's easy to lose yourself.". Like.. Like Zhu Hui,whirlpool hot tub, what do you think of her now? "Don't mention her. Now Mom wants to curse when she mentions her.". In fact, when she was in our house before, she had a bad temper and was very delicate. I really didn't see that she had so many bad intentions. I didn't expect to do so many things now. 。