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ShengKang Oct 26 '22
"Don't say that. How boring it is for us to get together all the time?"? Even if we know each other by fate, Sister Su, you can bring us some fresh blood to synthesize. I think Wang Ke in your dormitory is good. "Don't worry about it, Elder Martial Brother Wen. He has a master." "Didn't you break up?" "I just got fresh blood during the summer vacation, and I'm sorry I didn't wait for you to merge in person." "Go!" Wen Cheng was not annoyed either. He turned his eyes and extended his vicious hand to others: "There is another one in your dormitory."? Tut, not a beauty, but also dutiful, looks very gentle. "Gentle and soft?" Holding back a laugh, Su Qing thought that Wei Jia was used to going back to school early, and now it was almost time to go back, so she said with a straight face, "OK, I'll introduce you gently and softly later." "All right, bring two more. Let's go four to four. It's just right." Deliberately ignoring Su Qing's accent, Wen Cheng bumped into Lu Quzhou with a constipated face: "Why do you think our dormitory is full of bachelors?"? Our overall quality is not bad! Who on earth took the lead? Lu Quzhou knew that Wen Cheng was helping him out and was grateful, but at the moment he could not give any good face and sat aside in silence. Pressure, unprecedented pressure. This pressure was not brought to him by Su Qing, not by anyone, but entirely from himself. He knew that something was shaking,alumina c799, that the emotional barriers that had been thought to be unbreakable for a lifetime were so fragile that they were dissolved and corroded from the root. He was right to expect that Su Qing was dangerous, at least for him. However, he could not refuse the danger, and even wanted to approach it, which indirectly corrected his negative IQ in the face of danger. In addition, he had an unexplainable fear. Because he hesitates, and hesitation indicates the denial and abandonment of the past,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, indicates that everything starts all over again, and at the same time, it is also a re-examination of his character. He was proud that he was responsible enough to keep his promise, but suddenly he was not so sure that he would be tempted to waver and forget. Decades of faith should be extremely precious, but because of the appearance of Su Qing and easily disintegrated. I'm really obsessed, he thought. Back home, Su Qing was warmly welcomed and cordially consoled by Su's father and mother, expressing her yearning for her parents for many days and her regret that she could not eat Su's mother's craft for a week. Su Ma was so distressed that she quickly made a big table of delicious food for Su Qing, lamenting that her daughter had suffered. However Apart from climbing back and forth twice and giving gifts to the children on the first day, Su Qing spent the rest of her time in bed. Of course, she didn't dare tell Su Ma about this. The group of people who went with her, even the swallow with ulterior motives, taught the students interesting things. Only her mother, Kamado bbq grill ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, who had no use for her fart and was tired of being able to eat and pull, cooked the folk prescription. She was ashamed to think of it. Forget it, anyhow also sent a lot of supplies, when Lao Tzu is Shentong delivery! Su Qing washed white, fell on his soft bed, and not satisfied with the quilt rolling back and forth, home is really comfortable ah. Well, I'm a little excited to go to Xiaolu's home on the weekend! What if I can't sleep? …… Two minutes later -- The man slept to death and burned paper when something happened. 71 "Hello?" Su Qing was woken up by a ringing telephone and her voice was hoarse. Heavenly King Gai Di Hu! “……” Now I'm completely awake. Qin Lu, don't do this. Stop being stuck in the morass of an idiot! "Su Qing, you've changed." "Normal people can change, but retards can't." "Retard wants to invite you to dinner tonight!" "Why?"? Courtesy of nothing.. Give me a reason. "Because, because the first time you saw me, you didn't say you were a peach cake, you lied to me for a few days!" "If that's the reason, I should invite you?" No matter who invites who, you have to come anyway! I know you came back the day before yesterday. Anyway, at seven o'clock in Luoshui, let's eat Cantonese food! Good night "Hello?"? Hello Su Qing listens to the busy tone that comes in the mobile phone very indissoluble, what ghost does this bear child do? And He said good night? At half past eight in the morning, the sun was shining on my buttocks. He won't.. Did you just sleep? Su Qing has always been a punctual girl, she is not used to let people wait, of course, do not like to wait for people. But today, it is doomed to make an exception. It's seven o'clock in the evening. Su Qing has been waiting for 20 minutes in Luoshui. Now the appointed time has arrived. Qin Lu doesn't even have a shadow. Qin Lu, where are you? "Oh, there's a traffic jam, and there's still one intersection to go, ten minutes!" Well, OK, I'll wait for you for another ten minutes, Su Qing thought. Only Why did you hear the sound of closing the security door? | Ten minutes later -- "Qin Lu, are you still coming?"? Am I leaving? Don't! Here we are. I see you! Oh, that's all right. Grass It's really annoying to be blocked like this! Very rough voice, seems to be a taxi driver? Su Qing turned her head and looked out of the window. Pedestrians passed by in twos and threes in the silent street. You see me? Maybe another ten minutes.. Another ten minutes. "Damn, I'm not going to accompany you!" "Su Qing!"! I really see you. I can't see what you're wearing under the pale pink T with a watch! Su Qing tried her best to restrain herself and could not help twitching at the corners of her mouth. For a moment, she hesitated whether to kill the idiot or to find a hole to bury herself? The quiet restaurant was blown up by Qin Lu who rushed in, and countless lines of sight shot at her. Pressure is so great, just roll your eyes, the whole world has nothing to do with her. One is ashamed, the other is expressionless. Su Qing and Qin Lu silently looked at each other for a long time, one side finally could not bear to hang down his head: "overslept..." Alas, forget it,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, I don't really want to haggle with this man. Su Qing saw his sincere repentance and slowed down his face. Hurry up and order something to eat. I'm starving. While eating and chatting, Su Qing asked Qin Lu what she was looking for? "Actually I want you to do me a favor." "Say." "You don't play lonely geese, do you?" "Mmm." "That's the truth." "What?" "Alas." "Tell me about it!" 。 global-ceramics.com