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GayrbekVedzizhev Oct 26 '22
[ [Private Message] "San Tu Chuan": Don't you think? Yesterday the colored glaze changed 1 level, today returned 200 levels, even the equipment restored, this is not to go to sleep with the game internal personnel, what will it be? [ [Private Message] "Mary is next door": So.. Do you think there is something strange in it? Liuli must have heard something from the game insiders? [ [Private message] "San Tu Chuan": You are still so smart, and isn't Liuli just tearing down the gate of Tianya City? If this isn't grandstanding, what else can it be to attract people's attention?] As soon as Su Yao looked at the world channel, it was true that the whole world was discussing the return of glass to 200 in one night, but not many people paid attention to why the king of Xia sat in the old position of Luo Zishang to form a strange expedition. [ [Private message] "Mary is next door": So, are you trying to say..] Santu Chuan: Liuli is a priest by profession. It is said that the artifact in the snowy mountains in the north is a special staff for priests. So she has been trying to become a princess of Yan for so many years, but unfortunately she still can't find it. The more she can't find it, the more people want it. Is the more you can't find something, the more you want it? Sue Yao looked at her little Mary. What a coincidence! She is also a priest. Chapter 19 small abacus > Ji Canghai is grinning grimly. On his desk, there was a piece of paper, on which there were various lines, marks and annotations. It looked like an incomplete map. At the top of the map, there were five correct words: Snow Girl's Memories. This is the fax that Han Yan has just sent to him, with a little bit of toner temperature on the paper, Han Yan called it "the absolute secret that is not easy to get", and told him, "This is the map to find the northern artifact, I love you so much,push back racking system, so I share it with you, husband, you have to listen to me, then we should do this.." Han Fuyan told him, close to the way Qin Chuan guessed, she went to attract the attention of the players in full service, and he secretly formed an expedition, after all,industrial racking systems, the artifact is too dazzling, some crazy coal bosses addicted to the game, and even posted that they would buy the sickle in the hands of the Palace of Eternal Youth or the flute in the hands of Wang Shenmu, so Han Fuyan was such a shrewd woman. Again loyal subordinates, again good friends and relatives, in the face of the temptation of the artifact will betray her, but this snow mountain artifact, if really as the map said, then a person absolutely can not get, she can only find the only one she can trust Ji Canghai. After all, Ji Canghai believed that he was pregnant with his child, but also believed that he was about to become his legitimate wife, ahahahahahaha, what a fool to cheat! Pregnant? I'm pregnant with his mother! Han Yan Yan heart with a small abacus, but I do not know Ji Canghai also with a small abacus. Pregnant? I'm pregnant with his father! Ji Canghai felt more and more green on his head, pallet rack shelving ,radio shuttle racking, and now players all over the world are spreading rumors that he just married a daughter-in-law yesterday, because of the restoration of a game level, to sleep the game's internal staff. Oh, NO.. He was really afraid that day, shit escape, leaving her alone, but how can she not shit escape! People should be able to stretch and bend, right! Even if she changed back to the first level, he still had money, he could find a studio to help her practice back, he could buy her better equipment, why didn't she ask him what he thought and go to "negotiate with the game company" by herself? Oh, yeah, that's what she told him. Does she think he's an idiot? Outside the game company in the world, there are more than N players squatting there every day. Some are banned by the plug-in, some are wanted to appeal by the stolen number, and some are protesting against the imbalance of the game profession. For various reasons, all kinds of players go to the old ones and come to the new ones. Every day, like a nest of wasps, they are stuck at the door of the company. Day after day, the company in the world has long been used to it. Who has nothing to do with these crazy people? Players are customers, customers are God, and his game company is God's grandfather. Ji Canghai did not believe that if he did not have "in-depth communication" with the game's internal executives, how could he restore his account overnight? Usually, the cycle of handling and verifying the complaints of stealing accounts by players takes at least half a month, which is so powerful now. Ji Canghai looked at the forum reprinted about his new daughter-in-law's post, he slightly regretted, Han Yan Yan is what kind of person, he had heard people say before, and she came all the way from B city to beg him to release her from prison, then the pitiful appearance actually touched him, Ji Canghai's previous prejudice against her was swept away, he was so happy that he invited her to dinner and sang with her. Chat with her, what is Han Yanyan's skill? As we chatted, we succeeded in putting him to bed. A month after this in-depth exchange, Han told him that she was pregnant. Ji Canghai then realized what is called "a black almost fainted", but he can only be responsible for her, who let him sow? He promised to marry her and let her be his wife and the queen of Xia. And now Ji Canghai began to gradually feel that this matter is strange, he only saw AV did not learn physiological common sense is his fault, but he can not believe her because of her words, ah, pregnancy test certificate? Now the gossip of the players all over the world, the look in his eyes, the sneering tone when he was mentioned, made him quite uncomfortable, and he felt even more green on his head. Ji Canghai looked at the map in his hand and grinned proudly. Since she had done something wrong to him, don't blame him for being rude, artifact? Hahahaha, he seemed to see that the artifact was already in the hands of his "Canghai Yixiao". Beautiful players all over the world were competing to be his wife,metal racking systems, and he majestically defeated the Palace of Eternal Youth and Wang Shenmu. He was the most powerful player in the whole service. What kind of woman did he want? Still care about a Han Yanyan? Do you still care about the apology in your heart? Quickly, a careful plan took shape in his mind-in order to prevent Han Yan from hiding something else, Ji Canghai decided to start at the last moment. You said the artifact in the snow mountain was a priest's staff. How did you know? Little Mary and Santuchuan followed the expedition brigade and walked on the deep and shallow snow.