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The little pig took the money with a cheer, scattered the first martial arts, and immediately shrank into bed to go back to sleep. Chu Wu was completely speechless. He sat on the edge of the bed facing the messy head. After thinking for a long time, he said, "Remember to lock the door when you go out." "Mmm" "Leave the heater on for a few hours and let it rest." "Mmm." "I gave the shop to Zhao Mo. He's small. Don't bully him." "Mmm." "Don't run around at night and drink while I'm away." "Mmm." "Keep the heater away from the bed." "Mmm." "Pay attention to the water heater when you sleep at night. The electricity should be turned off." "Mmm." "Don't close the window too tightly." "Mmm." "Lock the door when you go out." At the end of his patience, Jiang Xu came out and shouted, "Are you finished?" Chu Wu was so happy that he patted the little pig. "Go to sleep." Jiang Xu rolled his eyes and plunged back into the quilt. Chu Wu: "Get up later and drink a glass of water first." "Mmm." "Don't take a bath without breakfast." "Mmm." "Don't run up to the balcony shirtless to brush your teeth. What a day it is." "Mmm." "Unplug your laptop when you sleep at night." "Mmm." "Remember to lock the door when you go out." Jiang continued to kick his legs, straighten his body, and howl, "Help! Guanyin Bodhisattva, Buddha, and the Virgin Mary. Who will take this bald donkey?" Chu Wu stood up with a smile. "Then I'll go." Jiang Xu: "Get out of here, I beg you!" After a pause, he added in a low voice: "You go back to see my mother, explore her tone, and see if she is still angry with me..." Chu Wu was stupefied. He leaned over and hugged Jiang Xu's head and kissed her. With a wry smile, "I still want to talk to her?"? Just don't let her find out about our affair. Tubie's blind date Chu Wu's mother had not seen her son for several months, and was surprised to find that her son had shaved his head, which was not ugly, but the clothes he wore were strangely neat, and there was a smell of cologne. Jiang Xu's mother sat outside the yard choosing vegetables and said with a smile, "Your son knows how to take care of himself. It's not bad." Smell Chuwu's clothes. "It smells like my son." Chu Wu broke out in a cold sweat. Jiang Xu Ma: "But boys all use one kind, and they all taste like this." Chu Wu's mother poked Chu Wu. "Just wash your face. What kind of perfume do you use?"? Really Chu Wu complained, "It's none of my business,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it's.." Hurriedly stop, is Jiang Xu in the wardrobe spray, my clothes are unfortunately infected, this kind of words to say also? Chu Wu's mother wondered, "What is it?" Chu Wu hurriedly changed his tune: "It was given by someone else, and I sprayed it as toilet water." Chu Wu's mother did not notice that her son's face was different. She said, "Son, do you remember the daughter of Boss Su of the tea shop across the street?" Chu Wu nodded, "Xiao Liang, what's wrong?" Chu Wu Ma: "Yes, yes, Su Liang, industrial racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, she is now graduated from university, in the city as a primary school teacher, is not a very good girl?" Chu Wu continued to nod and nodded halfway, feeling something was wrong. "Mom, what do you mean?" Chu Wu's mother smiled and leaned close to her son's ear. "Su Liang used to be thin, but now she's very plump and round. I think her buttocks can give birth to a son!" Chu Wu has a black line. "Mom, I went in to watch TV." "Don't go!"! Oh, how can you be shy? Chu Wu Ma pulled him, "it's not like you don't know Xiao Liang?"? I've known you since I was a child. Why are you still shy? Why did I ask you to come back? Tonight is a meal with their family. Chu Wu's mind was buzzing. "Mom," he said vaguely, "people don't like me." Chu Wu Ma stared. "Who said that?"? It was brought up by their family. Su Liang's mother played mahjong with us a few days ago and talked about you. If you don't believe me, ask Jiang Xu's mother! Jiang Xu's mother nodded on one side, a face of envy, is really geomantic turn, now it is her turn to envy other people's son, early Wu face hot to the root of the neck, dare not to his mother's eager eyes. When Chuwu's mother saw that her son was silent, when he agreed, she dropped the sentence: "Then I'll call their house and have dinner together in the evening." Le Dian Dian ran to the house. Chuwu sat on the steps of his yard, distressed. Jiang Xu's mother hesitated for a moment and asked him, "Chu Wu, how is Jiang Xu recently?" Chu Wuying: "He's fine." Can it not be good? Eat mine and sleep mine every day. Jiang Xu's mother: "Did the child learn well?" "What do you mean?" "That's him." What, are you still with men? "Well, I don't know …" I didn't see it. You're scared to death if you say it. The boy and I are together. Jiang Xu's mother said sadly, "I can't help it. I really want to lock him in the house. But look at his father's temper. A heavy finger may make the child out of order." Jiang Xu in our family has a heavy heart. You are more mature and steady than him. You should take care of him more outside. Chu Wu nodded: "Yes." I'll take good care of him in bed. Jiang Xu's mother was silent for a while and then said, "That child is very worrying. He can't take care of himself even if he has a headache or fever. You must remember to hang up the phone and tell me if he has something.." Chu Wu: "OK, definitely." You can rest assured that the boy has been relying on me all day. When Chuwu's mother came out of the house, she saw that the old and the young were talking. She also added, "Son, you told Jiang Xu to come back to see his parents when he was free. It's been two or three months, and he doesn't call back or hang up at home. At least you have to report what you're doing outside!" Chu Wu murmured, "Didn't my uncle and aunt break off relations with him?" He didn't dare to return. What are you doing? Play with me. Jiang Xu's mother sighed, "Well, don't come back if you don't learn well, so as not to make his father angry." Chu Wu pulled the grass beside the steps and bowed his head in silence. "Forget it," said Chu Wu's mother. "There's always a time when a child goes the wrong way. Just correct it. Don't be angry all the time." Take the foot to kick early Wu, "you hear, meet Jiang Xu, and he said to change to go home,asrs warehouse, his parents will not care." "Oh," said Chuwu in a lifeless voice. If he can change it, he won't lead me astray. kingmoreracking.com